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Review: Faubourg

by gigi on May 5, 2011

Another guest review from Cat! I had actually heard about Faubourg a few weeks ago from another reader, Wesley. He recommended that I try their pastries but I wasn’t aware that there was afternoon tea as well. I’m trying to start going to afternoon tea a little more regularly so perhaps I will include Faubourg […]

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Review: Sushi King House (Kerrisdale)

by gigi on March 28, 2011

Shortly after Jenkins and I came back from our Asia trip, we were a bit reluctant to go to a Japanese restaurant too soon after our return. However, we were forced to take the punch finally when we were walking around in Kerrisdale late one afternoon looking for a super late lunch. For some reason, […]


Review: Secret Garden Tea Company

by gigi on June 28, 2010

My friend Cat got married about a month ago and just prior to the wedding, I attended her bridal shower. Luckily for me, it was afternoon tea and even luckier for me, it was at the Secret Garden Tea Company in Kerrisdale. The last time I was at Secret Garden, it was actually for my […]

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Review: Lunch at Avenue Grill

by gigi on October 5, 2009

Jenkins and I happened to be in Kerrisdale doing some shopping one day and decided to stop for lunch at Avenue Grill. Avenue Grill has been quite a mainstay in Kerrisdale for a while…I remember even stopping there for lunch during my high school days with my friends. We had received a gift certificate for […]


Review: Sugarcane Vietnamese Cafe

by gigi on July 13, 2009

Andrea and I met up one day after work for dinner. She suggested going to Sugarcane Cafe in Kerrisdale because it was kind of in the middle for the both of us from where we were coming from. It opened fairly recently and Andrea told me it had quickly become a favourite of her family’s. […]

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Review: A Golden Ocean of Dim Sum

by gigi on January 8, 2009

Jenkins’ parents wanted to go for dim sum one weekend and since I am a sucker for dim sum, I eagerly accepted their invitation on behalf of Jenkins and myself. It had been a while since I was at Golden Ocean for dim sum because I normally don’t like waiting too long to be seated […]