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Jenkins and I met up with his family one morning for some dim sum at Shun Feng Seafood Restaurant, located in Parker Place mall in Richmond. This location has changed names a few times but I had never been here in its latest incarnation. Jenkins’ mom had seen a dim sum promotion in the newspaper […]


My post on Alaska king crab is so far past the season that I considered scrapping this post altogether. But since we ate other items at Imperial Court to supplement the main dish of Alaska king crab, I decided to stick with it. When I originally called my mom to ask if she’d like to […]


Review: Copa Cafe

by gigi on April 26, 2011

Located right in Cambie Village, Copa Cafe is in quite a convenient location for me and Jenkins. We’ve been going there since it opened a few years ago during the Canada Line construction but only learned recently that it was a spin off of a Coquitlam location. It had been a while since I had […]


Review: Shanghai Village

by gigi on November 22, 2010

Ever since the old Hugo HK Cafe closed down and Shanghai Village opened in its place, I had wanted to give it a try. However, I never went because I felt like it was a place where you had to go with a large group and whenever Jenkins and I eat large Chinese meals, it’s […]


Review: Cafe Gloucester

by gigi on August 23, 2010

One of my stand bys when I’m not sure where to eat is usually a Hong Kong-style cafe. I grew up eating at such places so the food is quite familiar to me and it also doesn’t hurt that the prices are generally quite reasonable. I was first introduced to Cafe Gloucester several years ago […]


Review: Lin’s Chinese Cuisine

by gigi on April 12, 2010

Jenkins and I were in the mood for Taiwanese food one day when I remembered that I had been meaning to try Lin’s Chinese Cuisine for a while. Although it appeared to feature an eclectic mix of Chinese food from several different regions, its claim to fame were its xiao long bao. We arrived on […]