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How to Select a Thanksgiving Turkey

by gigi on October 6, 2011

Today’s guest post comes from Bart Janssen, the Regional Meat Coordinator for Whole Foods Market. I was approached by the Whole Foods team to see if I’d be interested in having them submit a post on how to pick a good turkey, given the Thanksgiving season quickly approaching. I have to admit that I’ve never […]


EAT! Vancouver this weekend

by gigi on June 11, 2011

A reminder that the annual EAT! Vancouver convention is taking place this weekend. Jenkins and I were invited to attend as media attendees so even though we had other plans this weekend already, we were able to squeeze in a visit on Friday evening. It turned out to be fairly smart on our part because […]

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3rd Annual Spot Prawn Festival

by gigi on May 9, 2009

UPDATE May 11, 2009: I’ve just discovered that the prawn tasting plates were available only on Saturday May 9 although the cooking demonstrations at Granville Island will still be taking place for 1 more day on May 16. Sorry for the confusion! —————————————— Grick alerted me earlier this week that the 3rd annual Spot Prawn […]


Restaurant Meals – Pay at your Discretion?

by gigi on February 5, 2009

Rory brought to my attention an interesting article at the other day. Due to the poor economy and the fact that it’s hitting Londoners extra hard, a London restaurant has implemented a “pay what you want” policy for the month of February. At The Little Bay restaurant in Central London, business has been hit […]


With lots of great sunshine this week, local strawberries are now ready! I have many wonderful memories of heading to Richmond farms as a kid to pick local strawberries and wanted to share this experience with my little niece, who’s turning 3 years old this summer. In this world of multi-million dollar condo developments in […]


Over a nice meal at Sakura Bistro the other night, gigi and I mulled over the idea of interviewing Mia Stainsby of the Vancouver Sun to get her thoughts on being a Restaurant Critic and Food Writer over the years.  We figured that she must have had many interesting experiences and of course, share our […]