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We had one final breakfast in Melaka before it was time to board the bus for Kuala Lumpur. Ying decided to take us to her husband’s family’s won ton noodle stall for a homey, local breakfast. Malaysian-style won ton mee is different from what we are used to in Vancouver, which is Cantonese style. The […]


For dinner on our last night in Melaka, some of Jenkins’ from Johor Bahru drove up to join us. Satay celup is another Melaka specialty and Ying knew that it was one of the things I wanted to try while I was in Melaka so she suggested that we have dinner at Capitol Satay. It […]


Melaka, Malaysia: Chicken Rice Balls

by gigi on June 29, 2011

As I’ve mentioned before, prior to our trip to Asia, I made a list of all the places and foods that I wanted to try out while I was there. Included in my list were chicken rice balls, a Melakan specialty. Chicken rice balls are basically a variant of the popular SE dish, Hainanese chicken […]


Melaka, Malaysia: Roti for Breakfast

by gigi on June 8, 2011

One morning while we were still in Melaka, Jenkins’ cousin took us to her favourite roti street-side stand for breakfast. She told us that she had a few roti places that she visited in and around the city but the one we were going to was closest to her house. Unfortunately, I can’t recall the […]

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While we were in Melaka, I shared with Jenkins’ cousins my food list. They were impressed with the amount of “homework” I had done prior to the trip and endeavoured to help me check off as many things off my list as possible. Some of the restaurants I had listed in Melaka, they were already […]


Melaka is quite well known for its Nyonyan or Peranakan people, a term used to describe the descendants of (often) male Chinese immigrants who came to the Malaysian peninsula and surrounding regions during the 15th and 16th centuries and married the local Malay women. Many of these people became quite affluent and created their own […]