Ho Yummy Featured in Vancouver View Magazine! …and Friday Finds

by gigi on March 9, 2012

Before I start on this week’s Friday Finds, just a little plug for Ho Yummy! Along with other food bloggers including Sherman, Vancouver Foodster, and Eating in Vancouver, Jenkins and I were featured in the March issue of Vancouver View magazine! Now I just need to go look for a hard copy to frame up. Smile Thanks Noa for the terrific write-up.

And now, onto Friday Finds…

Vancouver Food Carts: This link about the Vancouver food cart scene, was sent in by Lucy. By now, many of you have probably heard about how Vancouver will get another 12 food carts in March. Although we don’t know which 12 carts it will be, this article lists some of the applicants so you’ll have an idea of what we may be able to look forward to. Smile

2011-10-13 Mom's Grilled Cheese

Cupcake ATMs: When I first saw this article, I was like, what? But yes, I did read right: the famous Sprinkles cupcake chain will be opening its first cupcake ATM at its Beverly Hills location on Mar 9. I had my first encounter with Sprinkles cupcakes when I visited Palo Alto last spring and although pricey, they were indeed quite delicious. Smile This is an interesting concept though and I’ll be watching to see if this trend catches on with other cupcake outlets.


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