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by gigi on October 14, 2011

I have to say that I’ve been a little late to the whole foot cart scene. It’s not that I’m not interested in trying them out but they’re not always easy to get to even though I work downtown. In addition, actually do try to bring my lunch from home so I don’t eat out for lunch as often as it may seem on this blog. Smile In any case, Erika and I made plans to go out for lunch one day and we decided to take advantage of the nice weather out by grabbing some lunch at Kaboom Box.


I didn’t have a great experience the last time I was at Kaboom Box but that was because I was trying their poutine rather than their actual sandwiches. Since I felt that the poutine was more of a side dish rather than what seemed to be their main specialty of sandwiches, I felt that I should give them a fair chance by going back to actually try out the sandwiches.


I recalled from my last visit that Andy, the owner had given us a quick background about Kaboom Box and had also pointed out the on-site (on-truck?) smoker that they used to make the smoked salmon used for their World Famous Hot Smoked Salmon Sandwich so that was what I decided to order.

It came on a toasted whole wheat bun that absorbed the juices from the smoked salmon and the crunchy maple mustard coleslaw nicely. I really liked how the salmon was very moist and flavourful although I would have liked the smoked flavour to be slightly stronger. The crunch of the slaw provided a nice contrast and I didn’t think the spicy mayo was actually necessary in this case, especially since I couldn’t taste too much of the spiciness.


At first, I thought my sandwich looked a little small but it turned out to be quite filling and it was more than enough as a lunch portion. The piece of salmon is actually quite generous and I was duly satisfied. Although I’m not a fan of their poutine, I think the sandwich I tried was quite tasty and I’d like to go back and try their oyster po’boy the next time I’m trolling for lunch.

Granville by Robson Street, Vancouver (in front of Sears)
Tel: 604-788-6367
Note: As with most food carts, hours can vary so check their website if you’re unsure.

Food: [rating:3.5]
Service: n/a
Price: $

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