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by gigi on October 4, 2011

After Jenkins and I came back from our trip to SE Asia earlier in the year, we really didn’t feel like going for Malaysian food. After all, we ate some pretty fantastic stuff while we were in Malaysia and we knew it would be hard to beat. Nonetheless, I was intrigued by Penang Delight Cafe, which opened earlier this year (I think) in the Renfrew Heights area. I had also received many recommendations from many people from Malaysia (some on this blog too!) saying that Penang Delight was quite tasty so Jenkins and I decided to go there for lunch one afternoon.


We were quite hungry that day so we decided to order three items to share. Jenkins and I always enjoy our Hainanese chicken rice so we decided to order that. This version came with a bowl of chicken rice as well so at $8.95, we thought this was a fair deal. Our server, who we think was also the owner, told us that the Hainese chicken served here was Malyasian style, meaning that it was served warm and had some soy gravy, unlike the Singaporean version that Jenkins and I were more used to. The chicken was quite silky but we felt that it lacked flavour and had to be supplemented by some of the soy sauce that it came served in and the accompanying chilli sauce. I did enjoy the chicken rice though, which had a decent amount of chicken flavour and I liked how the rice was slightly chewy with each rice kernel being distinct.


We also decided to order some char kway teow since it’s one of our favourite Malaysian dishes. It looks pretty tasty in the picture below, but it was surprisingly lacking in flavour. The chinese sausages could have been fried a little more to bring out some extra flavour and the noodles just didn’t have the bounce that would have come with some more “wok hei”.


The last dish we ordered was the nasi lemak chicken rendang. I had never ordered this dish before until my trip to Malaysia and I have to say that the version at Penang Delight was comparable. I guess I shouldn’t be surprised because this was one of the dishes that had been recommended to us. In addition, Jenkins’ dad told us that the nasi lemak from Kuala Lumpur is some of the best in Malaysia and that turned out to be where the owners were from. Perhaps they should have called the restaurant KL Delight instead of Penang Delight but I suppose it just doesn’t have the same ring to it. Smile In any case, the chicken rendang was superb with a ton of curry flavour and just the right amount of spice. It went great with the rice (nasi) and I mixed in the accompanying fried fish (ikan bilis), peanuts, and sambal sauce. The hardboiled egg was slightly overcooked but did a good job of tempering some of the heat. This was definitely the best dish that we ordered and is the only one of the three that we’d reorder the next time we’re at Penang Delight.


Despite the couple of misses we had with our initial dishes, both Jenkins and I felt that the nasi lemak more than made up for them. There were actually quite a few dishes that piqued my interest at Penang Delight so I wouldn’t mind giving them a try the next time I’m at the restaurant. I’ll just have to remember to stick to Kuala Lumpur specialities since that does seem to be their forte.

3885 Rupert Street, Vancouver
Tel: 604-566-9898

Food: [rating:3]
Service: [rating:3]
Price: $$

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