Penang, Malaysia: Beach Eats at Kafe Sunshine

by gigi on August 24, 2011

About 20 minutes bus ride from Georgetown is the beach town of Batu Ferrenghi on the island of Penang. Jenkins and I decided to carve a couple of days out of our stay in Georgetown to stay in Batu Ferrenghi to enjoy the sun and the beach. We arrived around 2PM and were quite hungry but many of the places I had jotted down for eats weren’t open for some reason. We decided to bite the bullet and eat at one of the few beachside eating stalls that happened to be open.

2011-01-03 23.01.33IMG_4708

We had a great view of the Strait of Malaca and thankfully, were sitting in the shade. Unsurprisingly, the prices here are a bit higher than the eateries we had visited in Georgetown since Batu Ferrenghi is essentially a tourist town. We decided to cool down from our walk to the Kafe with some fresh young coconut juices.

2011-01-03 22.39.08IMG_4705

I decided to order the mee goreng with instant noodles instead of the regular egg noodles. The noodles were a bit wetter than I would have liked but the flavour was actually quite good. It was slightly spicy and I liked the fried shallots generously sprinkled on top. There was a little bit of chicken in this dish but it was filled up with mainly veggies.

2011-01-03 22.50.12IMG_4706

Jenkins decided to have the salty fish and chicken fried rice. This was also done quite well, with the salty fish flavour really coming through and mixing nicely with the fried shallots that were also in this dish. The rice was nice and dry and wasn’t too oily. It wasn’t the best version of this rice I’ve had but it was definitely a good effort and exceeded our expectations.

2011-01-03 22.50.18IMG_4707

I wouldn’t say that the food at Kafe Sunflower was the best we had had in Malaysia thus far but given the fact that it was in a touristy area of a touristy town, the food wasn’t too bad. Smile

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