Penang, Malaysia: Curry Noodles for Breakfast

by gigi on August 17, 2011

Our first morning in Penang found us back at New World Park hawker centre wandering around the stalls to figure out what we wanted for breakfast. Opening hours for the stalls seem to be different from one another so we were limited to pretty much whatever happened to be open that day and at that particular time. We noticed a curry noodle stall setting up so we decided to make that the main dish of our breakfast that day.

Since it was only breakfast, we tried to exhibit some control by ordering a small bowl of noodles each rather than getting a large. Smile The curry broth was quite thin in consistency but I think that really worked with the egg noodles, which soaked up all the declicious curry flavour. The noodles were vegetarian and came with some bok choy and tofu puffs. I especially liked the tofu puffs as they soaked up all the curry soup and were bursting with flavour. We ordered our noodles spicy, which came with an extra dollop of chili paste as you can see below.

2011-01-02 19.13.34IMG_4642

Since it was morning, we decided to order a couple of cups of kopi (Malaysian coffee) to go with our noodles. Since the beans are roasted in butter, it had a great robust flavour to the coffee. The coffee was slightly sweetened and was a great breakfast drink….even though I’m not normally a regular coffee drinker.

2011-01-02 19.15.03IMG_4644

Jenkins decided that eating curry noodles for breakfast wasn’t indulgent enough so he ordered some peanut pancakes. We weren’t really sure what to expect but what arrived at our table did not look like any pancakes we were accustomed to. The light shell (which was more like a crunchy crepe) was stuffed with bananas and candied peanut crumble. As you can imagine, the combination of flavours really worked, with the creamy bananas contrasting nicely with the crunchy peanut bits. It was a light dessert or snack, one that you can definitely eat a lot of, even in hot weather.

2011-01-02 19.15.19IMG_4645

So far, all of our choices at New World turned out to be pretty good. It’s a fairly small hawker centre, compared to some of the others that we visited and although the stalls don’t seem to open at the same time, we never seemed to have any trouble picking out some really tasty options.

Lorong Swatow, 10050 Penang

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