Melaka, Malaysia: Won Ton Mee for Breakfast

by gigi on July 7, 2011

We had one final breakfast in Melaka before it was time to board the bus for Kuala Lumpur. Ying decided to take us to her husband’s family’s won ton noodle stall for a homey, local breakfast.

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Malaysian-style won ton mee is different from what we are used to in Vancouver, which is Cantonese style. The won tons are served separately from the noodles in Malaysia and are usually pork-based. The broth was simple but flavourful and even though I’m not usually a fan of pork-based won tons, the pork here was fatty enough to give the won ton a nice texture and flavour. I still prefer shrimp won tons more but these pork won tons were very well made.

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I really enjoyed the noodle part of the won ton mee, which are served dry in a slightly sweet soy sauce and topped with vegetables and char siu (BBQ pork). The noodles are different from the Cantonese won ton noodles but still had a great texture and bounced to them. They also soaked up the flavourful soy sauce quite nicely. I don’t generally eat spicy things for breakfast but since I was in SE Asia, I felt like I had to do as the locals did and sprinkle chillies some over my noodles. The spiciness actually went nicely with the slightly sweet noodles but may not be everyone’s cup of tea.

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Speaking of tea, I needed something to go with my yummy noodle breakfast. I decided to have some kopi, which is Malaysian coffee. It is a dark brew and is very flavourful because the beans are roasted in butter. The kopi here had a really smooth flavour and was sweetened with just a little bit of sugar. It was a great drink to start my morning. Smile

2010-12-27 17.18.12IMG_4138

Unfortunately, I didn’t get the address for this won ton mee stall but it was located quite close to Melaka’s old city centre. There are several other such places sprinkled all around Melaka so it shouldn’t be difficult to find one.

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