Melaka, Malaysia: Bunga Raya Popiah Street Stall

by gigi on May 17, 2011

While we were in Melaka, I shared with Jenkins’ cousins my food list. They were impressed with the amount of “homework” I had done prior to the trip and endeavoured to help me check off as many things off my list as possible. Some of the restaurants I had listed in Melaka, they were already familiar with, while for others, they told me that they had found better alternatives. How fortunate for me! :) One hawker stall I wanted to check out was one that sold popiah, which was likened by many to a soft skinned spring roll.

Ying took us to Bunga Raya Popiah, which was their place to go for some of the best popiah in town. This was evidenced by the line-up. Even though it was easily over 30 degrees Celsius that day, we braved the heat and waited for about 15-20 minutes while our popiahs were being made.

Bunga Raya Popiah

For the equivalent of $1 CAD, we each got our own popiah, which we ate in the shade and next to a store with A/C blowing out its doors. The large size was equivalent to $1.10CAD and the small was $1 CAD but to be honest, I had no idea which size Ying ordered for us.

Bunga Raya Popiah

The popiah skin was slightly chewy and held together a combination of eggs, bean sprouts, jicama, and turnips. What really made this popiah outstanding was the generous use of deep fried pork lard, which provided an aromatic crunch and flavour to the popiah. I had a huge grin on my face after my first bite and Ying looked at me and said, yes that is pork lard. :) haha You have the option of ordering this spicy or non spicy. We chose spicy but it was not overwhelmingly spicy at all.

Bunga Raya Popiah

We were a bit skeptical as to whether this would be worth the wait but I definitely think it was. If we were in Melaka for more days, we definitely would have visited this stall some more.

Jalan Bunga Raya (in front of Madam’s King Emporium)
Open from 1:30-5:30PM and 7:30-10:30PM

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