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by gigi on April 26, 2011

Located right in Cambie Village, Copa Cafe is in quite a convenient location for me and Jenkins. We’ve been going there since it opened a few years ago during the Canada Line construction but only learned recently that it was a spin off of a Coquitlam location. It had been a while since I had last seen Samantha, Lucy, and George so we rounded them up to join us for dinner. Luckily for us, they were all able to make it.

Copa Cafe

The last time I was at Copa Cafe, I accidentally ordered the beef tongue with tomato and spaghetti. I usually get the baked version of this and with rice instead of spaghetti…but I ended up quite liking this alternative version. As a result, I decided to order it again. I was presented with some linguine instead of spaghetti and although it was slightly past al dente, I expected this and so it wasn’t too bad. The tomato sauce was not overly sweet and the combo of beef tongue, onions, and tomatoes made for a tangy and sweet combo that worked. I’m also not sure if it was just my imagination, but there seemed to be more pieces of beef tongue in this version than in the baked version but that could just be me. This easily could have been split into two meals but I was really hungry that evening and managed to polish it off by myself. :)

Copa Cafe

Jenkins ordered the baked pork chop with rice, another one of my favourites. Made in the typical Hong Kong style cafe method, it came bubbling hot out of the oven. The pork chops themselves were lightly breaded and fried before being baked with the rice and cheese. The tomato sauce here was similar to the one used in my beef tongue dish, being mainly sweet with a slight hint of tanginess. What I especially liked about this was that the pork chops were nice and crispy and were not over-breaded.

Copa Cafe

There is nothing really spectacular at Copa Cafe but I always find that they have a pretty consistent offering with what one would expect at a HK-style cafe. The prices are also on par with other places and the serving sizes are quite large, as you can see in the pictures above. They’ve also expanded the space at the Cambie location quite a bit so we rarely have to wait for a table, which is nice.

4030 Cambie Street, Vancouver
Tel: 604-873-8974

Food: [rating:3]
Service: [rating:3]
Price: $

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