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by gigi on April 19, 2011

Back in the day, Jenkins and I used to frequent Shiro Sushi quite a bit. It was located conveniently for us and the quality of sushi was always quite good. For whatever reason though, we stopped going. Neither of us could figure out why so Jenkins suggested that we check it out for dinner one day.

Shiro Sushi

Jenkins and I weren’t very hungry that evening so we decided to keep things pretty light and simple. We checked out the daily specials written on the board and Jenkins felt like having some tempura, so we decided to go for the sweet potato variety. Although not the most unique dish, the tempura was prepared quite well, with the batter being light and crispy, which really showcased the slightly sweet sweet potato inside. The sweet potato itself was not overly mushy and retained some texture, which is also why I generally like sweet potatoes more than yams.

Shiro Sushi

I decided to have one of the nigiri combos that evening, which also came with some California rolls. The California rolls were well made, but unspectacular, tasting exactly what I expected a California roll to taste like. I did appreciate how they did not use too much mayo in the crab filling though. For the nigiri, I got a nice selection and my favourites were the tako, salmon, and tuna. All the nigiri had a nice amount of wasabi already included and did not overwhelm the flavour of the seafood itself. I liked how the tako (octopus) came pre-marinated with sauce, which reminded me of my fairly recent adventures in Japan. I should also note that the salmon was wild salmon, although not from BC.

Shiro Sushi

Jenkins’ salmon and tuna don was a bit smaller than he expected but it turned out to be a good size for him that evening since he wasn’t very hungry. The rice was nicely seasoned, with a good amount of sugar and the rice was also cooked just right. This made it the perfect accompaniment with the wild salmon, which was quite flavourful, and the tuna, which was not overly mushy.

Shiro Sushi

Jenkins and I enjoyed our dinner at Shiro and we’re looking forward to going back now that it’s back on our radar again. The service does seem to be a bit spotty at times and there was an unusual wait before we were seated, despite the fact that there were several empty and unreserved tables. However, once we were seated, our server was very attentive and made sure to come by a few times throughout our meal to check on us.

3096 Cambie Street, Vancouver
Tel: 604-874-0027

Food: [rating:3.5]
Service: [rating:2.5]
Price: $$

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