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by gigi on April 12, 2011

Jenkins and I were in the mood for Shanghainese food one day. It had been quite a while since our last visit and since we happened to be in Richmond, we decided to drop by and check it out for lunch. I wasn’t really in the mood to wait for long though so I was somewhat relieved when the waitress told us we would only need to wait for 10 minutes before a table would be available.

Shanghai Wonderful

Of course, we had to order the xiao long baos. Since it was lunch, we restrained ourselves and just put in one order. :) I think Shanghai Wonderful makes a pretty good xiao long bao. The skin is quite thin and not too doughy and the meat filling is juicy, which is aided by a plentiful amount of soup inside.

Shanghai Wonderful

Between the two of us, we also decided to share a couple of noodle dishes. Noodles always seem like a lunch time dish to me so I felt that it was the appropriate thing to order. :) First of were the tan tan noodles. The menu stated that these were spicy but we really couldn’t taste much spiciness in this dish. The peanut flavour was quite strong though with a hint of tanginess from some vinegar but I liked how the peanut soup base was not overly thick. The noodles retained some chewiness and soaked up the flavour from the peanut soup quite nicely.

 Shanghai Wonderful

The ja jian mien (or meat sauce noodle per the English translation in the menu) was a bit of a miss for us. The meat sauce itself was quite good but the noodles were so overcooked and soggy that not even the meat sauce could save it. Even though the same type of noodle as the tan tan noodles were used, the way the two were cooked, you never would have thought it was the same type of noodle. I did like the cucumbers, which added some much needed crunch but even more would have been nice.

 Shanghai Wonderful

Overall, Jenkins and I had a fairly satisfying meal at Shanghai Wonderful. Although the meat sauce noodles were a bit disappointing, we did enjoy the xiao long baos and the tan tan noodles. It has actually been quite a while since I last went for Shanghainese food so perhaps I will come back in the near future and drag a bigger group with me for dinner so we can sample more dishes.

8380 Lansdowne Road, Richmond
Tel: 604-278-8829

Food: [rating:3]
Service: [rating:2.5]
Price: $ (for lunch)

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