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by gigi on April 8, 2011

Recently, Jenkins and I were invited to the launch event for The Bibo, a new Italian restaurant opening in Kits. We didn’t know much about the restaurant prior to going but were looking forward to seeing what it was about. Although the opening was quite busy, we were kept entertained with a steady stream of delicious food and entertaining people to mingle and chat with.

The Bibo

Jenkins and I got to sample the majority of The Bibo’s menu at this event, which concentrates on bringing in as many local ingredients as possible but in order to keep its offerings authentic to Italian cuisine, they do also source ingredients from Italy itself. As enjoyable as the event was, Jenkins and I wanted to come back for a regular meal so when Serena offered to help make reservations for us the following week, I readily accepted.

The Bibo

Jenkins and I arrived a week later for a weekday dinner. Since the restaurant had only recently opened, we didn’t expect it to be very busy but it was actually bustling, especially for a weekday. It turned out to be pretty smart that we had made reservations since all the empty tables seemed to be reserved for other parties.

The Bibo

After we placed our orders, we were presented with a small bowl of olives mixed with sundried tomatoes and onions. The olives were really tasty but also quite salty. I was only able to eat a couple of pieces but I think this would have went really well with some crusty bread.

The Bibo

Jenkins and I originally considered getting one pasta and one pizza so we could have some variety but after some deliberation, we decided to both get the pizzas. The Bibo prides itself on making authentic Napoli-style pizza and we were sufficiently impressed with our last tasting to want to order it again. I thought about ordering some of their fancier pizzas but in the end, decided to go with the pizza diavola, which came with tomato, mozzarella, and spicy salami.

The Bibo

The crust was crispy and light, perfectly complementing the restrained spreading of toppings, where there was just enough to add flavour and texture to the pizza. The pieces of salami were crispy and not overly oily although I could not really taste any spiciness. The portion was quite generous and since I was eating quite slowly, it started to get a bit soggy towards the end but the crust was quite crispy and light initially.

The Bibo

Jenkins was originally going to go for the funghi porcini pizza but decided that he wanted some meat so instead, he ordered the pizza prosciutto e funghi. Similar to the crust for my pizza, it was quite well made and Jenkins remarked that it bore quite a resemblance to the pizza we ate while in Italy. Jenkins’ version had quite a bit more toppings than mine and perhaps because of that, his pizza got soggy more quickly than mine did. Although he liked his pizza, he admitted that I made the better choice. :)

The Bibo 

I had enjoyed the desserts from The Bibo at its opening event so I really wanted to try some desserts again but in all honesty, I was much too full after the pizza to indulge in dessert as well. Jenkins and I had a great time at our return visit to The Bibo. The pizza was top quality and although it may be viewed by some as being on the pricey side, I thought it was worth it for the quality of our meal. Service was a bit spotty but well intentioned and I think after it has had some time to settle in, will improve.

1835 West 4th Avenue, Vancouver
Tel: 604-568-6177

Food: [rating:4]
Service: [rating:2.5]
Price: $$

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