Tokyo: Lotteria

by gigi on February 28, 2011

I was really interested in checking out a Japanese fast food place while we were in Tokyo. The opportunity presented itself when Jenkins and I were travelling to the Miraikan Emerging Science and Innovation museum but wanted to stop somewhere for lunch first. Luckily for us, there was a Lotteria that was right next to the museum and surprisingly, the prices seemed on par with its other locations elsewhere.


It took Jenkins and me a while to figure out what we wanted to eat and we finally decided on ordering a couple of burgers and sharing an additional snack.


The ebi (shrimp) burgers were delicious. I’m not really sure why they don’t carry them here in North America. :) A deep fried shrimp cake is sandwiched between some hamburger buns with some shredded lettuce and a generous spread of tartar sauce.


I thought that the shrimp flavour was actually pretty prominent but would have preferred for there to be less tartar sauce. The shrimp cake was obviously freshly fried as it was very crispy on the outside and because I suspect that it was battered with panko rather than the typical breaded crust found in other fast food joints.


We also decided to try one of their new products, namely called the sausage roll. Upon unwrapping the sausage roll, we noted that it looked a bit odd but tasted better than it looked. 😛 It was a regular hot dog weiner wrapped in a crispy pastry shell. The pastry shell was slightly buttery and tasted pretty good.


I had wanted to try more Japanese fast food places during our time in Tokyo but Lotteria turned out to be our only visit. It would have been fun to try out some of their other menu offerings. :) Our meal turned out to be one of our cheaper meals in Japan, costing less than ¥800 for the two of us.

2-3-6, Aomi, Koto-ku, Tokyo (and various other locations)

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