Review: Earl’s on Kingsway

by gigi on December 29, 2010

As I have said many times before, I am not a huge fan of chain restaurants like Earl’s, Milestones, or Cactus Club. I just find the prices too high to justify the type of food I’m eating. Perhaps I am dating myself but I remember a time when the prices at these places were much more reasonable. :)

I don’t always get to choose where our eating outings are though and someone arranged for a recognition dinner at Earl’s on Kingsway after we finished a major milestone in one of the projects I’m on at work.

I actually like the clam chowder at Earl’s quite a bit. It has been on the menu for quite a while and comes with baby clams, veggies, and bacon. The bacon makes the clam chowder really flavourful and I definitely tasted it much more than the clams themselves. The chowder is quite creamy so it can be very filling.

Earl's on Kingsway

For my entree, I chose the pecan chicken maple spinach salad. There were a few candied pecans in my salad and although the salad was also supposed to be maple-based, I couldn’t taste the maple flavour at all. My chicken breast was also supposedly crusted with porcini mushrooms but it was so over-fried that I couldn’t taste any hint of mushroom flavour. For $15, I definitely expected a lot more. The flavours in this salad just did not seem to go together even though it had several of my favourite things in it, including mushrooms, bacon, and brie cheese.

Earl's on Kingsway

Due to a mix-up where someone thought it was my birthday, I was also present with a molten chocolate cake with vanilla ice cream. The dessert was quite large and since I wasn’t expecting to have dessert, I ended up sharing this with two other people. The chocolate cake had a lot of chocolate flavour but was too sweet for my taste.

Earl's on Kingsway

Overall, the food at Earl’s was ok but I still stand by my opinion that the food is overpriced and you just don’t get the value when compared to some independently owned restaurants out there. My meal here cost about $30 not including drinks and for that price, I can definitely find another place where the food tastes much better (at least to me). However, if you’re trying to find a place that suits a large variety of tastes and has a nice environment to hang out in, this is not a bad option.

4361 Kingsway, Burnaby
Tel: 604-432-7329

Food: [rating:2.5]
Service: [rating:3]
Price: $$

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