Review: KFC Double Down

by samantha on October 25, 2010

Note from Gigi: Samantha had asked me if I was interested in doing a review on the KFC Double Down a few weeks ago but I’m currently trying not to eat any fried food until Christmas so I declined. Samantha thought that doing a post on the Double Down would be so worthwhile to do that she enlisted Julio to take one for the team and give the Double Down a try! So Samantha and Julio…on my behalf and that of Ho Yummy’s readers: Thanks! :)

Note that this monstrosity is only available until Nov 14 in Canada so if you want to try it out, you better hurry! :)


Hi Everyone, I’m Julio, Samantha’s husband, here to write a guest post!

Four months ago an American colleague informed me that in the southern United States, KFC released a sandwich that no one should eat without a defibrillator nearby.  The sandwich is called the Double Down, and according to the KFC website, has 560 Calories, 32g of fat and 1300 mg of sodium which is approximately half of the recommended daily intake of fat and sodium based on a 2000 calories daily intake. When KFC Canada announced that the Double Down would be available in Canada for a limited time, naturally I had to try it.  For my own safety I enlisted the help of a group of coworkers with first aid experience.  Interestingly, the general sentiment of the group was that hopefully the sandwich would not be good so that there would be no follow-up cravings.

KFC Double Down

It seems the publicity hype surrounding the sandwich has worked, as nearly every customer in the place was there to try the Double Down.

Let’s dissect the components:

Two pieces of skinless chicken breast breaded in the Colonel’s original recipe, two slices of Monterey Jack and Pepper Jack cheese, and a piece of thinly sliced bacon,  all seasoned with some chipotle mayo. The cost of a KFC Double Down meal is $10.10 with fries and a drink.

KFC Double Down

Out of the group of taste testers:

First comment: “It’s a lot smaller then I thought it would be.”

Second comment after tasting it: “It is very salty.”

Comment after eating the sandwich: “When will they bring out the extra crispy and hot and spicy versions?”

KFC Double Down

Although the sandwich was tasty, the excessive salt and price would discourage me from repeating the experience. Although the 1300mg of sodium should have served as proper warning, it was still surprising just how evident the salty taste was.  It would appear that they tried to offset this with the addition of a little spice in the chipotle mayo and Pepper Jack cheese, however the heat was so low, I would have gotten frostbite if it wasn’t for all that salt.

KFC Double Down

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