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by gigi on October 18, 2010

I remember my first visit ever to PHAT Deli several years ago. I was drawn in by their claim to have real Montreal smoked meat so I went there for lunch with a few friends. I ordered the smoked meat eggs Benny and still remember how tasty it was to this day. :) Funnily enough, it was quite a while before I went back and so when Jenkins and I were trying to decide where to go for lunch one day, I decided to take him there.


Despite the fact that I really like their smoked meat sandwiches, I had actually eaten it a few weeks prior so I decided to order something else. Jenkins and I were both interested in the club sandwiches they had to offer so we decided to order one of each and split it.

The regular turkey club house sandwich came on whole wheat bread and in addition to the regular filling of turkey, tomatoes, and lettuce, it also came with avocados. I felt that the fresh and crunchy veggies really made the sandwich and the avocado added a nice creamy texture. As a big fan of poppy seed, I also liked that the bread was crusted with it, which added some additional crunchiness. The small coleslaw salad that came with the sandwich was pretty good as well, with not too much dressing.


Of the two club sandwiches we ordered, I preferred the shrimp & avocado club house. Instead of the regular turkey, this one was made with shrimp salad along with the regular fixings of lettuce, tomatoes, and avocado. Because of the mayo in the shirmp salad, the bread in this sandwich got soggy pretty quickly so you had to eat it pretty fast.  The abundance of lettuce provided the requisite crunch though.


The sandwiches were probably more than enough for me but I was feeling a bit indulgent that day and also added a side of PHAT fries ($3.95). The thick cut fries were double fried so had a great crispiness to them.


Another sold offering at PHAT Deli. I like how their sandwiches are all made fresh to order and you get to choose what fixings you want if you’d like. It is a tad on the pricy side with our sandwiches being $8.99 each but everything is fresh and well-made. I bought a Groupon for PHAT Deli recently so I’ll be using my coupon to come back and have some more sandwiches. Or maybe I’ll come back for something from their breakfast menu….there are just too many things to try out!

1055 Mainland Street, Vancouver
Tel: 604-684-6239

Food: [rating:3.5]
Service: [rating:3.5]
Price: $

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