Review: Kamiya Sushi

by gigi on October 13, 2010

Ned and I were both in need of lunch one day and we happened to be working downtown. That turned out to be lucky for us because if we were working in Burnaby, food options may be harder to come by. In any case, I was in the mood for sushi so Ned suggested that we check out Kamiya Sushi by Central Library. I had always walked past it but never made it inside so we decided to walk over there for lunch.

Kamiya Sushi

Kamiya has a takeout section for pre-made sushi and that appeared to be pretty popular with many people. We decided to sit in and since it was still a few minutes before noon, we were actually one of the only people inside. I should note that by the time we left (around 1PM), the place was packed and there were people waiting to be seated.

I was feeling fairly hungry that day so I decided to order a combo and added a few items. I don’t recall the name of my combo but I think it was called the California Combo. It came with a standard 6-piece offering of California Rolls, 2 salmon nigiri, and 2 tuna nigir. I also added a tuna nigiri and a chopped scallop nigiri. Although fairly basic, I did enjoy the California roll. The rice was well made and had the right amount of vinegar, which carried through to the nigiri sushi as well. Surprisingly, the salmon nigiri was made with wild salmon and tasted quite good. The toro was a bit small and pretty fatty, which I enjoyed. The chopped scallop had a tad too much mayo for my liking but wasn’t too bad either.

Kamiya Sushi

I was pretty satisfied with my lunch at Kamiya. I went in with no expectations and walked away pretty impressed with their offerings. Although it’s nothing out of the ordinary, it was well made and seemed pretty consistent. I’m glad I found another sushi place in downtown that I can now visit.

345 Robson Street, Vancouver
Tel: 604-331-0817

Food: [rating:3]
Service: [rating:3]
Price: $$

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