Pirate Pak Day – August 18

by gigi on August 17, 2010

Tomorrow is White Spot’s annual Pirate Pak Day. As with most people when they were younger, Pirate Paks were the thing to order when you were at White Spot. I was quite sad the day I turned 11 because that meant I was no longer eligible to order the Pirate Pak! Don’t tell the authorities but I admit that even after I was past the allowable age, I tried my best to continue ordering the Pirate Pak well after I had turned 10. Whether or not I was successful in my attempts though…well, that is another story. :)

White Spot

White Spot contacted me to let me know that this Wednesday August 18 is White Spot’s annual Pirate Pak Day. To celebrate this great occasion, White Spot sent me and Jenkins a gift certificate to take advantage of White Spot’s one-day only adult Pirate Paks. For tomorrow only, $2 from every Pirate Pak ordered will be donated to the Zajac Ranch for Children. The Zajac Ranch is dedicated to bringing summer camps to children with serious medical conditions.

Jenkins and I know where we’ll be having our dinner tomorrow. :) Hope you are able to make it out to White Spot tomorrow to partake in the adult Pirate Paks and to support a great cause!

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