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by gigi on June 24, 2010

Before I start this review, I must make a disclaimer and say that I’m friends with Kiyo, who manages Darby’s Pub. He’s been trying to get me to come to Darby’s for quite some time now and due our busy schedules, it just never happened. The opportunity finally presented itself one day when we were looking for a place to go celebrate the completion of our economics exam. :) I told Kiyo that I would remain as objective as possible during my visit but I was a bit nervous if the food ended up being horrible and I’d have to explain myself him. Luckily for the both of us, that wasn’t the case. :)

It was a sunny Saturday afternoon that day so we were all lucky enough to grab a seat on Darby’s rooftop patio. According to the sign outside the pub, it was Kits’ only rooftop patio. It certainly was a nice place to whittle away one’s afternoon. :) After some deliberation, I decided to have the raspberry mojito. Although it was quite refreshing and minty, I could not taste very much of the raspberry flavour.

Darby's Pub - Raspberry Mojito

I had heard all about Darby’s home-made cottage cheese during Thu’s visit a little while back so I really wanted to try a salad that had cottage cheese in it. I asked our server if it was possible to substitute the green salad that came with my sandwich with the beet salad instead. I’m a huge fan of beets and I’m glad Darby’s beet salad lived up to my expectations. The beets were roasted perfectly and had a nice bit of sweetness to it that paired nicely with the tangy vinaigrette. There was also a crumbling of cottage cheese that added some additional heartiness to the salad. I liked how the cottage cheese was more crumbly and not as stiff as the traditional cottage cheese you would find at a grocery store.

The Lisa’s Club Sandwich was a grilled turkey sandwich with bacon, red peppers, lettuce, and a sweet cranberry tartar. It came on a whole wheat bun that was crunchy on the outside and allowed the sandwich to maintain its structure without falling apart once I bit into it. The turkey was not overly dry and went well with the crispy, salty bacon. I wish I could have tasted the cranberry tartar a little more but overall, I enjoyed this sandwich quite a bit.

Darby's Pub - Lisa's Club Sandwich

We all ended up chilling on the patio for quite a while and before long, I was hankering for something to nibble on. I convinced Tarri to share the Darby’s Nachos with me, which consisted of Darby’s own home-made potato chips with your typical toppings of cheddar, monterey jack, banana peppers, tomatoes, onions, and chives. What really made this dish were the delicious, thick-cut potato chips. They were slightly overcooked, which is exactly how I like my potato chips because I feel it gives it extra flavour and an excellent crispiness. The toppings also went very well with the chips and I felt it didn’t really need any of the accompanying salsa, although it was a nice addition. It probably wasn’t the healthiest thing for me, but I could have easily eaten another plate of these nachos.

Darby's Pub - Nachos

I had a great time at Darby’s and despite already being warned by Thu that the food would be top notch, I came away pleasantly surprised. It actually took me a while to decide on what to order since all the menu items looked so good. Darby’s is not what I would normally expect of a neighborhood pub and I think Kiyo would be pleased to hear that I’d definitely like to come back…soon. :)

2001 Macdonald Street, Vancouver (although there is also an entrance on 4th)
Tel: 604-731-0617

Food: [rating:4]
Service: [rating:3.5]
Price: $$

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