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by gigi on May 23, 2010

Jenkins and I took a quick weekend trip to Portland a while back so we could take a break from work and do something new. We had gone on a road trip to Portland last year and had a lot of fun shopping and eating so we thought we’d make a return trip this year. I was pretty busy with work in the days leading up to our trip but I was able to make some time checking out which restaurants I’d want to visit this time around. Luckily, I was able to rely on the advice of friends to help me out. Sherman highly recommended that I try out Cafe du Berry and so I decided to put that on my brunch list.

Cafe du Berry

Luckily for Jenkins and me, it was on our way to the Woodburn outlets. I also knew that Cafe du Berry tended to get quite busy but it was a weekday so we did not even have to wait for a table. While we were trying to figure out what we wanted to eat, we started by ordering some freshly squeezed juice. Jenkins went for his standard of orange juice while I decided to give the raspberry crab apple juice a try. I suppose due to the addition of the apple, the juice was quite thick and the sweetness of the apple made the raspberry less sour. The cup of juice was smaller than I expected but it was very tasty.

Cafe du Berry - juice

I had quite a tough time figuring out what I wanted to eat but I finally settled on ordering the French toast, which was promoted in the menu as a house special. The French toast was light and fluffy and the egg gave the toast an almost custard-like consistency. It was just sweet enough and was a great brunch item, especially if you’re not looking for something savoury. The hash browns were also very creamy and fluffy, unlike a traditional hash brown. I suspect there was quite a bit of butter in this, which was why it had such a smooth consistency, but I really enjoyed it and it filled me up quite quickly.

Cafe du Berry - French Toast

Since m y French toast did not come with meat, I ordered a homemade sausage that I ended up sharing with Jenkins. The sausage had a nice combo of spices and was not overly fat but still had a nice bite to it. Some people may find the sausage to be a bit on the overcooked side but I didn’t mind it.

Cafe du Berry - Sausage

Jenkins wanted something with protein so he ordered the Spanish Omelette, which came with some tomatoes and onions. The egg had a nice and fluffy consistency and the tomato & egg combo was almost like a salsa. Jenkins enjoyed his omelette but noted that my French toast was better.

Cafe du Berry - Omelette

Jenkins and I quite enjoyed our meal at Cafe du Berry. The food was tasty although I wouldn’t say it was really French style even though the signs noted it was a French country restaurant. It took quite a while for the food to come but Jenkins and I passed the time by chatting with the very friendly owner who recommended a fantastic bakery to us (coming in a later post). We were also encouraged to go back for dinner but since we were only in Portland for a short period of time, we didn’t have the opportunity to go back.

6439 SW Macadam Ave, Portland, Oregon
Tel: 503-244-5551

Food: [rating:4]
Service: [rating:3]
Price: $$

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