Cusco, Peru: Chez Maggy

by gigi on March 30, 2010

For some odd reason, pizza seems to be quite popular in Peru. Almost everywhere we went in Cusco, there seemed to be a pizza place. My uncle had noticed this when he went to Peru a few years ago as well…so even though we were a bit skeptical, we figured we would give the pizza a try. One place that was relatively close to where we were staying was Chez Maggy. It seemed to be fairly popular and even had a website so I checked out some of their menu offerings while we were still in Vancouver.

Similar to Europe, people in Peru eat dinner pretty late but since we were still trying to acclimatize to the altitude in Cusco, we wanted to eat a bit earlier so we could go to bed. The restaurant was about half full when we arrived but was already packed with one large party and a local band playing some songs. We decided to start first with a drink. I saw that chicha morada was on the menu so I knew I wanted to give that a try. It is a very sweet drink made of purple corn and although I enjoyed the flavour, I would have liked to cut this with some water so that it wasn’t so sweet.

Chez Maggy

After we placed our orders, we were presented with a small basket of garlic bread. The bread was quite crunchy and had a nice garlic flavour.

Chez Maggy - Garlic Bread

Jenkins and I weren’t super hungry so we decided to share a large pizza. After some deliberation, we finally settled on the Maggy pizza, which had ham, sausage, bananas, and an egg. All the pizzas at Chez Maggy are made in their wood oven, which seems to be a specialty of many Peruvian pizza places. As a result, the crust was light and quite crispy. However, the banana did not go with the savoury meat on the pizza at all and the aged cheddar used on the pizza was much too overwhelming for the other ingredients on the pizza. Sometimes, you take some risks when you’re ordering and in this case, it was a fail for us. :)


I’m not sure how the other pizzas at Chez Maggy fare, but the restaurant seemed to be fairly popular, with a mix of both locals and tourists. Service was very slow though, from ordering, to getting our dishes, and to getting our bills. If you do end up eating here, I’d advise you to stay away from the banana pizza.

Plateros 348, Cusco, Peru

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