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by gigi on February 21, 2010

I drive past the House of Dosas at the corner of Kingsway and Boundary a lot on my way to work and it always looked pretty busy inside, regardless of the time of day. After hearing from Chris that the dosas were pretty tasty, Keith and I found some time to drive over to the House of Dosas with Chris for a weekday lunch. It seems that Chris goes there quite a bit so he has tried several things on the menu and was able to let us know which dosas were tasty.

First, the three of us decided to share some veggie pakoras. The pakoras were obviously just fried and served hot. I really enjoyed the crunchy exterior and the curry seasoning, which went very well with the accompanying dipping sauce. It was a great meal starter and perfect for three people to share.

Vegetable Pakoras - House of Dosas

Since we went on a Monday, we got to take advantage of the Monday $5.99 dosa special, which applied to all dosas. Although the dosas are regularly priced quite cheaply between $6-10 for most, it was still nice that all the dosas were $5.99 on the day we went. :)

I decided to have the Lamb Vindaloo dosa. As you can see, it was quite large but only 1/3 of it or so had filling inside.

Lamb Vindaloo Dosa - House of Dosas

I wasn’t quite sure where to start but both our server and Chris instructed me to just start ripping the edge of the dosa and dipping it in the meat found in the middle. I decided to cut my dosa in half so I could get to the meat and started ripping away. The dosa itself was actually quite light and almost like a crepe but crunchy. My lamb vindaloo was slightly spicy and had a very strong curry flavour to it. My only complaint was that both the dosa and the lamb vindaloo was quite salty and Keith found the same issue with his dosa. All three of us tried out the accompanying dips that came with our dosas but found that the flavour of our fillings was so strong that the dips really weren’t necessary.

Lamb Vindaloo Dosa - House of Dosas

Despite the saltiness, I enjoyed my dosa and liked that it was different from the usual places I go to. Next time around, I think I will ask them to reduce the salt and my dosa will be quite tasty indeed. I definitely liked the veggie pakoras and would order it again the next time I go. Service was prompt and very friendly, which I think was aided by the fact that Chris was a regular customer. :)

1391 Kingsway, Vancouver
Tel: 604-875-1283

Food: [rating:2.5]
Service: [rating:3.5]
Price: $

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