Olympics: Atlantic Canada House

by gigi on February 14, 2010

On the second day of the Olympics, Jenkins and I ventured to Granville Island with Mike and Victoria to check out the sights. In particular, we wanted to check out the tastings at Atlantic Canada House, which were available at 11:30AM, 2PM, and 5PM daily during the course of the Vancouver 2010 Olympic Games. After bumping into a friend of ours who told Victoria that it was best to get to the tastings early, we lined up just after 4PM for the 5PM tasting. It turned out to be a good thing that we lined up when we did because they closed the line off shortly after we went inside.

Vancouver 2010 - Atlantic Canada House

Inside, there is a bar and dinner is served starting around 8PM or so we were told. However, the daily food samplings are free of charge and feature a rotating menu of Atlantic Canada’s best food offerings. The mussels were simply cooked in some white wine and even though they were small, they were very tasty and fresh.

Mussels - Vancouver 2010 Atlantic Canada House

The soloman gundy with red pepper butter, sour cream, and a red onion glass on a crostini was our favourite. I’ve never had soloman gundy before but the flavours of the fish played off the red pepper butter very well. The soloman gundy itself had quite a mild taste so was able to absorb the flavours of the condiments nicely.

Vancouver 2010 Atlantic Canada House

Next was wild boar rillettes with some blueberry relish. The rillettes was very flavourful without being too overpowering and I liked its slightly firm texture. I think this would have gone really well with some crunchy crackers too. :) The blueberry relish added just a hint of sweetness, which complemented the rillettes well.

Vancouver 2010 Atlantic Canada House

The last tasting sample was the yellowtail flounder fritter with Mt. Scio savory & lemon mayo. The fritter was freshly fried so it was very crispy but I couldn’t taste the flounder as much as the herbs and potatoes that also made up the fritter.

Vancouver 2010 Atlantic Canada House

You can view the full listing of the samples available here since it is changed up daily. Based on my experience and talking to other people, I would recommend you get there early because only enough samples are made at each sitting for 200 people. We were one of the last people who were let in for our tasting round so we were holding our breaths for a while there! We were also told that the 11:30AM tasting is less busier than the ones taking place later in the afternoon. The restaurant section of Atlantic Canada House is pretty bustling and busy with people and you can also go next door to check out the different exhibits relating to Atlantic Canada.

Atlantic Canada House, Granville Island (next to the public market)
Tastings available at 11:30AM, 2PM, and 5PM from Feb 13-28

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