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by gigi on January 31, 2010

Chris was back for the holidays so Thu and I met up with him at Charm Modern Thai for lunch. I wasn’t aware that Charm was actually owned by the Thai House chain but I found out when I went to their website to make the reservations.


The lunch specials seemed to be the best value since they also came with Tom Yum soup and fried wontons so the three of us all chose a lunch plate. The Tom Yum soup had a spicy tanginess to it that we all enjoyed very much. The prawn wontons were also quite well done. It was crispy on the outside and stuffed with a lot of minced shrimp, kind of similar to Chinese dim sum shrimp dumplings. :)


I was in the mood for noodles so I decided to have the Pad Thai with chicken. Unfortunately, this was not one of the better Pad Thais that I’ve experienced. The chicken was dry and the whole dish itself seemed to be slightly burnt as I could see little charcoal bits from the wok that it was cooked in. There was hardly any fish sauce and tamarind flavour and if I wasn’t told that it was Pad Thai, I probably would have thought these were some type of unnamed fried rice noodles.


Chris’s green curry with chicken fared slightly better but he remarked that the curry flavour was a bit weak and he also would have liked for there to be more chicken. I was quite surprised at this because I actually like the green curry chicken at Thai House, which is also in the same chain as Charm.


Thu’s ginger stir fry was probably the most successful dish in our group but she was also unimpressed with her order.


We all left Charm a bit disappointed with our experience. The service we received was spotty at best and it was a bit difficult trying to get the attention of our server. The food was also not what we expected and I have to say that Thai House is better and cheaper than what we had. I’m not sure if this was a one-off poor experience that we had but it’ll probably be a while before I make a second visit to Charm Modern Thai.

1269 Hamilton Street, Vancouver
Tel: 604-688-9339

Food: [rating:1]
Service: [rating:2]
Price: $$

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