Puerto Maldonado, Peru: Snacks in the Amazon

by gigi on December 2, 2009

Jenkins’ and my first stop in Peru was to the small-ish city of Puerto Maldonado. It is the gateway for most travellers who are headed to the Peruvian part of the Amazon jungle. Jenkins and I were to stay for a few days in an eco lodge about an hour’s boat ride down the river from Puerto Maldonado city itself. After our friendly guide met us at the airport, she took us for a walking tour around the city as we waited for the rest of our fellow travellers to the eco lodge to arrive at the boat docks.


Also joining us for the walking tour was a British family that happened to live in Lima, Peru. We were pretty fortunate because the family pointed out to us all the good snacks during our stay in the Amazon. :) The kids in the family wanted to stop for some ice cream because it was extremely hot that day, probably 35 degrees Celsius and very humid! After we found an ice cream shop that sold what the kids were looking for, I asked if they could recommend something interesting for me.

They suggested that I try the Alaska popsicle, which was a fruit juice popsicle made with an Amazonian fruit that was tangy and similar in taste to a guava mixed with a passion fruit. I forgot to take a picture of the popsicle itself but it was a similar colour to the wrapper and none of the black seeds were showing. It was slightly tangy and very refreshing on a humid and hot day. This only cost $0.30 so I easily could have eaten a second one if it wasn’t for the fact that the rest of the tour group was waiting for me. :)


Soon, it was time for us to pile onto the boat that would take us to our eco lodge, Corto Maldes. After an hour’s boat ride down the muddy Madre de Dios river, we finally arrived.


We were directed to go to the eating area upon our arrival, where were greeted by the lodge’s bartender. He promptly served us some fresh passion fruit juice, which tasted nothing like the passion fruit juice I get in Vancouver mixed with my bubble tea. 😉 It was slightly chilled and was less tangy than I would have imagined. I really enjoyed the juice and only wished that I was served a larger glass. :)


During our stay in the Amazon, all of our meals were either eaten at the lodge or were eaten off-site but the food was prepared by the lodge staff. As for what we ate, you’ll just have to come back and read the next post! Most of the food we ate was a local or Peruvian specialty so we had a really good preview of what was to come during the rest of our trip.

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