Review: LAN Airlines

by gigi on November 24, 2009

When Jenkins and I booked our flights to Peru, we quickly realized that there was no direct flight to Peru from Vancouver. We flew to LA and from there, hopped onto a LAN Airlines flight to Lima in Peru. We had never heard of LAN Airlines before our trip but it is a part of the One World Alliance and has flights to several South American cities and countries.

After we had settled in on our flight, the flight attendants started bringing around drinks for everyone. I was going to have my usual flight drink of tomato juice until I spied a bottle of Inca Kola on the drink buggy. I first learned about Inca Kola when I was researching foods I wanted to try in Peru. It is almost as popular as Coca Cola in Peru and seems to be only available in that country (although I could be wrong). Taste wise, it is actually very similar to cream soda although slightly sweeter. I’m not a big soda fan but the Inca Kola was still interesting to try.


Jenkins lucked out and snagged the last lunch meal of Teriyaki chicken available. The chicken was actually not bad for airplane food and the fried rice that accompanied it was acceptable. The dessert was a dulce de leche sponge cake was only ok in my opinion but Jenkins seemed to enjoy it more than I did.


Since the plane had run out of Teriyaki chicken, I was stuck with the vegetarian cannelloni. I should have suspected something was amiss when we were sitting in the middle of the plane and everyone in front of us had already chosen the other lunch options! The pasta was mushy and there was way too much ricotta filling. The tomato sauce was also too sweet and just plain did not taste very good. Luckily for me, I had the salad, bread, and cake to fill me up instead.


We flew with LAN airlines for all our internal flights within Peru as well as the flight from Lima to LA. Although we were impressed that we were always given snacks and drinks regardless of how short the flight was, the food itself just never tasted very good in my opinion. Jenkins said that my expectations were too high for airline food but I think that was only because I had some pretty good experiences on other flights. :)

Food: [rating: 1.5]
Service: [rating:4]

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