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by gigi on November 9, 2009

It was Jenkins’ and my one-year anniversary recently and to celebrate, we went to one of my favourite restaurants for dinner: Le Crocodile. It had been a while since I was last at Le Crocodile so I was glad that we decided to have our dinner there. All the meals I’ve had at Le Crocodile have always had excellent food and service so I was eagerly awaiting coming here for weeks. :)

After we placed our orders, we were served a complimentary foie gras tart. The foie gras filling was creamy and rich, highlighted with a mix of herbs. The flavours melted together in my mouth and was a great start to our meal.


We were also served a couple of different kinds of bread. The bread was actually pretty standard and did not taste very out of the ordinary.


I wasn’t aware that we would be served fois gras tarts as an amuse bouche so I ordered fois gras for my starter. :) My duo of pan-seared fois gras and grilled quail was perfectly prepared and tied together with a calvados reduction…so many of my favourite things on one plate! The grilled quail was juicy and flavourful and went very well with the richness of the foisgras. The calvados reduction gave the whole dish a slight hint of apple sweetness, which I really enjoyed.


Jenkins decided to go with a grilled scallop and spinach salad. The scallops were fresh and pan-fried just the right amount.


For my main course, I decided to try something new and ordered the cariboo with a lobster tail and a fresh pea risotto. The cariboo was lean but prepared perfectly rare and was much juicier and more tender than I expected. I thought the flavour of the cariboo would overpower the lobster tail and the risotto, but the different flavours all complimented one another quite well. This dish was much bigger than I expected and even though I was quite hungry, it took quite a bit of effort on my part to finish everything. :)


As if my main was not big enough already, it also came with a small plate of vegetables simply prepared with a little bit of butter.


All meals at Le Crocodile come with a plate of deep fried shredded potatoes. Both Jenkins and I liberally dipped the potatoes in the sauce that accompanied our dishes. The potatoes soaked up the flavour of the sauces and were very tasty.


As tasty as my dish was, I actually felt that Jenkins’ choice was even better. The halibut came with a lobster tempura and rested on top of a creamy sauce with fettuccini. I don’t remember what was in the sauce but it went perfectly with the halibut, which was prepared just right. The halibut flaked apart easily and was very moist, which contrasted with the crispy lobster tempura.


After we finished our delicious mains, we were served some complimentary pear sorbet to cleanse our palates and prepare us for dessert. The pear sorbet was very refreshing and had a strong taste of pear and perhaps even some pear liqueur. :)


After my fairly rich and heavy dinner, I decied to go with a more refreshing dessert and chose the lemon brulee tart. The top of the tart had a crispy sugary topping, just like a creme brulee. After I tapped at it with my fork, it gave way to a creamy lemon filling that had just the right amount of tangy sweetness. The tart went very well with the small scoop of passion fruit sorbet that accompanied it.


Jenkins is more of a chocolate dessert guy so he chose the chocolate crepes with hazelnut creme filling. Chocolate and hazelnut are a classic combination and as good as my dessert was, Jenkins had me admitting that his dessert choice was even better than mine.


As we had expected, we had yet another fantastic meal at Le Crocodile. Service was great and some of the dishes we ate were unique and tasty while others were a great twist on time-honoured classics. I’m eagerly awaiting the next opportunity that will allow me to eat again at Le Crocodile. :)

100-909 Burrard Street, Vancouver
Tel: 604-669-4298

Food: [rating:5]
Service: [rating:4]
Price: $$$$

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