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by gigi on September 2, 2009

When Grick and Nav told Victoria and me about Fried Chicken Fridays at Fuel Restaurant earlier in the summer, we both knew we had to check it out. It had been quite a while since I last visited Fuel and although I was not impressed with the food at that time, I had heard nothing but good things about Fuel as of late. I decided that enough time had lapsed that I should make another visit and going during Fried Chicken Fridays was as good of a time as any.

When I called the restaurant to make my reservation, the hostess told me that Fried Chicken Fridays would continue at least until the end of September but she was not sure for how much longer after September. It’s also a good idea to let the restaurant know you are planning to have fried chicken when you make your reservations so that they can ensure they have enough for you during your lunch.

The fried chicken came with a choice of two beers. Both Victoria and I decided on the pale ale. Later, I learned that I could have substituted my beer with a non-alcoholic beverage, which I would have preferred but the beer still served as a nice accompaniment to the chicken.


The fried chicken at Fuel is prepared using the sous-vide method, meaining that the chicken is slowly cooked over quite a period of time at a very low temperature. The Polderside organic chicken is then fried in a light and crispy batter. The crispy outside was nicely flavoured with a variety of spices that went very well with the juicy and moist chicken. Both Victoria and I agreed that although the pieces of chicken were quite generous and large, we did not have a heavy or oily feeling after eating it.


Along with the chicken came some gravy but the chicken tasted so good on its own that I hardly even the gravy. Instead, I saved it for the biscuit, which was lightly flavoured with jalapenos and herbs and was very buttery and flaky. The side of coleslaw made us think we were being healthy and I liked how it was dressed with a light vinaigrette rather than the usual mayo.


Although there did not seem to be a lot of chicken initially, we were both quite full at the end and it turned out to be a good and generous lunch size. However, we did not feel that we could end our meal properly without eating dessert. :) We decided on the Manjari chocolate terrine with Agassiz hazelnuts and coffee ice cream. The terrine had a rich chocolaty flavour and the hazelnuts provided the requisite crunch. I especially enjoyed the flakes of sea salt sprinkled over the terrine, which served to intensify the chocolate flavour even more. The coffee ice cream had a very strong coffee flavour despite its pale colour and cut through the rich terrine nicely.


Both Victoria and I enjoyed our repeat visit to Fuel quite thoroughly. Although I arrived at Fuel with high expectations for the chicken, they were all met and I can easily see myself making another visit to have the chicken again before the summer ends. At $19.50 for the fried chicken and drink, I felt that it was pretty reasonable considering the quality of our meal. The only downer to our meal was the spotty service from our server but it did not detract from the food itself at all. Fried Chicken Fridays…try it out before the summer ends!

1944 W. 4th Avenue, Vancouver
Tel: 604-288-7905

Food: [rating:4]
Service: [rating:2]
Price: $$

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