Review: Banana Leaf (Kits)

by gigi on August 16, 2009

Jenkins and I joined Jenkins’ family one evening for dinner at the Banana Leaf in Kits. We had been to the Broadway and Ash location so we decided to give the one in Kits a try. This location is quite a bit larger than the Broadway and Ash one and also has a small patio out front.


We decided to start first with some chicken and lamb satay skewers. The skewers themselves were juicy and had a great grilled flavour to them. The peanut sauce was a bit on the sweet side but still complemented the skewers quite nicely.


The sambal green beans were my choice that evening. I always find the version here to be a bit on the greasy side but I still order these beans almost every time I’m at Banana Leaf. Both the beans and prawns were nice and crispy and were a great match with the sambal sauce. My favourite way to eat these beans is to pile them high on a mound of rice and eat a bit of prawns, beans, and rice in one bite.


For some reason, even though we already had prawns in the sambal green beans, we ordered a separate dish of prawns in sambal sauce. Rather than coming with beans, this alternative version came with bell peppers and onions but was pretty much the same as the version with the beans.


The kari lamb was a curry dish with cumin, fennel, and coconut milk. The lamb was very tender and was easy to tear apart with our spoons and forks. It had a very strong fennel flavour and went really well with rice.


Jenkins wasn’t in the mood for lamb that day so we also ordered a curry chicken dish for him. Although it looked like there were quite a few pieces of chicken in the dish, there wasn’t a lot of meat on the bones. We all agreed that the curry flavour could have been a bit stronger in this dish.


For dessert, Jenkins and I shared the mango sticky rice. The mango and sticky rice actually went very well together although I would have preferred a little more mango and a little less rice. I also liked how this dessert was not overly sweet. However, the sticky rice made this dessert quite filling so I probably should have left more room in my stomach when eating the main dishes.


Jenkins’ brother and parents decided to share the fried banana with mango ice cream. The banana was lightly coated in batter and nicely fried. The banana was still quite warm and contrasted nicely with the cold mango ice cream.


It was another dependable meal at Banana Leaf. I felt that taste-wise, everything was on par with the original location but we all agreed that the size of the dishes at this Kits location seemed smaller. Although the flavours of some dishes seemed a bit muted for our tastes, everything was still quite tasty.

3005 West Broadway, Vancouver
Tel: 604-734-3005

Food: [rating:3]
Service: [rating:3]
Price: $$

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