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by gigi on August 13, 2009

I’m always asking around for people’s favourite sushi joints as I’m always on the lookout for new places to try, especially if it’s close by to where I live.  Doug let me in on his little-known neighbourhood gem and guaranteed that I would enjoy it. He frequents Yanaki and usually gets takeout but Jenkins and I decided to try the sit-down dinner there. Yanaki is located in a small strip mall on West 6th near Ash on Fairview Slopes.


We decided to start first with the appetizer spicy tuna sashimi. The chopped tuna sashimi was mixed with julienned cucumbers and drizzled with a spicy sauce. The spicy sauce was slightly sweet and went very well with the fresh tuna. The cucumbers added some crunch and made this appetizer dish almost like a small salad.


The 911 roll was one of the specials written on the bulletin board at the front of the restaurant. A basic imitation crab roll was layered with spicy tuna on the outside and topped with some caramelized onions. The spicy tuna gave this roll the extra kick it needed and the onions provided some sweetness and crunch. Both Jenkins and I found this roll highly enjoyable.


Although the presentation for the tuna and salmon don was very nice, it was a bit small for the price. There were four slices each of tuna and salmon but both Jenkins and I felt that the sashimi could have been cut slightly thicker. In general, it’s pretty hard to mess up tuna and salmon don but the ingredients were very fresh and the don was on par with ones we had tried at other restaurants.


Jenkins and I tried the Alaska roll the last time we were at Yanaki and instantly proclaimed it as one of our favourite rolls. Instead of regular salmon, the California roll base was topped with smoked salmon, which added a nice dimension to the roll. Crunchy caramelized onions were layered on top and the roll was then drizzled with a tangy onion dressing. The flavours were very unique and unlike any roll we’ve tasted before. It is one roll that we always order when we go to Yanaki.


Similar to Doug, most of Yanaki’s customers come to the restaurant and get take-out so it’s usually not too much of an issue getting one of the few tables. Most of Yanaki’s menu offering is sushi and sashimi and everything we’ve had so far has always been fresh and very tasty. Service can sometimes be a bit slow but for the most part, the dishes are worth the wait. Prices are also reasonable for what you get.

816 West 6th Avenue, Vancouver
Tel: 604-708-5006

Food: [rating:4]
Service: [rating:2.5]
Price: $$

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