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August 2009

Review: Hi Genki Japanese Restaurant

by gigi on August 27, 2009

When Victoria told me that Fujiya operated a home-style Japanese restaurant in a retirement home, I wasn’t sure if she was kidding or not. Jenkins and I like going to the Fujiya at Clarke and Venables to stock up on hard-to-find ingredients for Japanese/Asian dishes. Victoria told me that although it sounded a bit bizarre, […]

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Review: Sushiyama

by gigi on August 25, 2009

After reading Sherman’s post about Sushiyama a while back, I decided to give it a try. I had driven past it several times and had no idea that such a Vancouver sushi gem lay behind its doors. We decided to start first with a dish of appetizer sashimi. I was pleased to see that this […]


Review: Sha Lin Noodle House

by gigi on August 23, 2009

Jenkins and I grabbed a quick lunch at Sha Lin Noodle House one weekend afternoon. I used to go to Sha Lin Noodle House with my family quite a bit when I was younger but it had been a while since my last visit. These days, we’re more likely to visit the Vietnamese place a […]


Review: Lime

by gigi on August 18, 2009

My brother and I took our parents and grandparents out for dinner one day. On my brother’s suggestion, we went to Lime on Commercial Drive. He had been there before with his girlfriend and quite enjoyed the food there. I did a bit of quick research online and found mixed reviews about Lime so I […]


Review: Banana Leaf (Kits)

by gigi on August 16, 2009

Jenkins and I joined Jenkins’ family one evening for dinner at the Banana Leaf in Kits. We had been to the Broadway and Ash location so we decided to give the one in Kits a try. This location is quite a bit larger than the Broadway and Ash one and also has a small patio […]


Review: Yanaki Sushi

by gigi on August 13, 2009

I’m always asking around for people’s favourite sushi joints as I’m always on the lookout for new places to try, especially if it’s close by to where I live.  Doug let me in on his little-known neighbourhood gem and guaranteed that I would enjoy it. He frequents Yanaki and usually gets takeout but Jenkins and […]