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by gigi on June 24, 2009

Juanita and I met up for dinner one day. She had just returned from a long trip and I was eager to hear about all her adventures. It took us a while to figure out which restaurant to go to though because Juanita has been to most of the places on my list but we finally settled on Boneta in Gastown. Located on the edge of Gastown just behind the Army & Navy, Boneta’s location was definitely interesting and I hoped the food would be just as good. :)


Despite the fact that I had just finished my kickboxing class that evening, I was not very hungry and neither was Juanita so we decided to share a couple of smaller dishes. Juanita’s choice was a light hamachi (yellowtail) salad with cucumbers, green onions, caviar, and fried pork rinds. The vinaigrette was light and slightly tangy with just a hint of sesame oil. I thought the pork rinds was a bit odd but its crunchy texture went very well with the fatty, smooth yellowtail. My only complaint was that I wish there was more for me to eat since it was so tasty!


Next came the charcuterie platter. Our server proudly told us that everything before us was made in house, even the board that the charcuterie came on! The whole wheat baguette was still warm from the oven and very crusty. I thought all the cured meats had a ton of flavour and went well with the bread and accompanying salts and pickles. My favourite was definitely the foie gras mousse (brown cube in the middle). The mousse was light, airy, and full of great foie gras flavour. To make things even more decadent, there was a small sliver of butter to go with the mousse and bread. Same with the previous dish, I only wished there was more mousse for me to eat! The amount of bread that came with this dish was not quite enough but our host quickly brought us another freshly baked baguette when we asked, free of charge. :)


Probably due to the second baguette, we were both quite full at this point. However, we decided to plough ahead and order a dessert to share. I decided to pick the caramelized apples, baba au rhum cake with licorice cream, and some ice cream. I was a bit disappointed with this dessert. There were quite a few different elements to it and I was not sure if they all went together. The caramelized apples were a bit on the mushy side and I couldn’t really taste the licorice flavour in the cream. I’ll have to try another dessert the next time I’m here to see if their other desserts hold up.


Both Juanita and I quite enjoyed our visit to Boneta. With the exception of dessert, our dishes were quite tasty and prepared in quite unique ways. The service was also excellent and the staff were all friendly and engaging. There were so many things on the Boneta menu and now that they’ve switched to the summer menu, I’ll have to make another visit to try their other dishes.

1 West Cordova, Vancouver
Tel: 604-684-1844

Food: [rating:3.5]
Service: [rating:4]
Price: $$$

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