Review: Lunch at Toyotomi

by gigi on June 1, 2009

Even though I occasionally work in Burnaby really close to Chris’s office, we hadn’t met up for lunch in quite a long time. We finally got our acts together and decided to meet up for lunch one day around E. Hastings and Willingdon in Burnaby. I always need to get my fill of sushi so Chris suggested going to Toyotomi. Here’s a photo of the front that I remembered to snap as we were driving away:


Toyotomi always has a couple of items on special each day where certain dishes are featured for around half price. Always in search of a good deal, we decided to order both the specials for that day. Note that lunch specials are available to dine-in customers only. First up was the Pink Lady Roll for $2.99. The roll seemed to be slightly smaller than a regular roll but turned out to be quite tasty. The roll had salmon wrapped around the outside and was generously sprinkled with green onions, tobiko, and a bit of mayo.


Our second order was the Monkfish Maki on special for $2.03. Both Chris and I were confused when the “Maki” turned out to be a spring roll with with monkfish roe in the middle. It was drizzled with a vinegar sauce. We found this to be too oily and could not really taste the monkfish roe stuffing.


The salmon sashimi was very fresh and sliced quite generously. I think this was one of the best items we had for lunch that day.


Both Chris and I were quite hungry that day, as evidenced by the large number of rolls and other items that we ordered. I don’t remember the name of the following special roll but I do remember the rice to be quite undercooked. The components that made up this roll (imitation crab, avocado, spicy tuna, tobiko, and tempura bits) were all very tasty and went well together but I found it hard to get over the almost crunchy, undercooked rice.


The remainder of our rolls all had the same undercooked rice affliction. The spicy tuna in the spicy tuna roll was slightly sweet and just spicy enough for my liking but the rice was almost as crunchy as the tempura bits sprinkled on top.


The California roll also should have been tasty but again, I found it hard to get over the undercooked rice.


I was a bit disappointed with my lunch at Toyotomi. Chris had been there a few times previously and had enjoyed it quite a bit so I’m not sure if our visit this time around is indicative of their usual quality. Rice makes up such a big component of sushi (obviously!) so even though the filling was well done, poorly prepared rice can easily overshadow the filling that’s used. Toyotomi seems to be highly rated on sites like Yelp, Urbanspoon, and some other sites so I may give it a try sometime, but for now, I’m really in no rush.

4121 E. Hastings Street, Burnaby
Tel: 604-676-1506

Food: [rating:2]
Service: [rating:2.5]
Price: $$

Toyotomi Japanese on Urbanspoon

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