Review: Japadog Lunch at Burrard & Pender

by gigi on May 20, 2009

I discovered a while back that another Japadog hot dog stand had opened up down by Burrard & Pender with a slightly different menu offering. It had been a while since I had my last Japadog so I dragged Craig and Matt along for a lunch time visit. We went slightly before 12PM to avoid the lunch rush but there were quite a few people waiting for their hot dogs. The Japadog specialties at this stand were helpfully displayed with pictures and detailed descriptions and specs for each one.


My first choice was the Okonomi hot dog, which I supposed was a hot dog version of okonomiyaki. Unfortunately, they were all sold out already so I was forced to pick another one. :( After some hemming and hawing, I finally settled on the Korokke ($6), which was a beef dog with mashed potatoes, cabbage, korokke sauce (whatever that is), and Japanese mayo. It sounded weird but I was feeling adventurous that day. The mashed potatoes weren’t seasoned at all but that turned out to be a good thing because the korokke sauce was quite salty. I likened this to a hot dog version of shepherd’s pie and surprisingly enjoyed it quite a bit. The shredded cabbage added a slight crunch and combined with the mayo and potatoes, was actually very filling.


Matt decided to go for Okura ($5.25), which had okra, soy sauce and bonito flakes with a pork bratwurst. The okra added a crunchy component to the the hot dog and Matt seemed to enjoy quite enough.


Matt chose a variation on the standard Terimayo and opted for the spicy cheese Terimayo ($6.25). Rather than drizzling cheese whiz on top, the cheese was embedded in the hot dog itself in the form of a jalapeno cheese smokie. :)


Sometime between my last visit to Japadog and my visit here, Japadog started to get seriously busy. The original hot dog stand at Burrard & Smithe was always busy, but even with the addition another stand, it was still at least twice as busy.  That being said, when I’m able to stand the line-ups, I always enjoy Japadog’s unique takes on the traditional hot dog. They also offer regular hot dogs, but who really wants to try that when you have all these other crazy hot dog varieties to try? :)

Corner of Burrard & Pender

Food: [rating:3.5]
Service: n/a
Price: $

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