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by gigi on May 4, 2009

Jenkins and I are currently on the prowl for a cheap but tasty sushi place near our place in Yaletown. It’s always nice to have a neighborhood standby that you can always go to when you are craving sushi…which in my case, happens quite a bit. After doing a bit of Googling and searching around, Jenkins discovered Kaide Sushi on Richard and Pacific. Located at the bottom of a residential apartment complex, Kaide looked cozy enough and had a steady stream of eat-in and take-out customers throughout our meal there.


First, we had some green tea while we decided what to order.


After a fair bit of deliberation, we decided to order the marinated tuna don as well as some rolls. I love eating fresh tuna when it’s done right and Kaide’s version was proclaimed to be their house special, so how could I resist? The tuna was very fresh and a bit fatty and the cucumber and green onions provided a nice crunch. Although the tuna was already marinated, it also came with a small dish of extra marinade if we were so inclined. This tuna don was very delicious and my only complaint was that I wish they had actually provided more rice for me to eat the tuna with.


Of the four rolls we ordered, one of my favourites was the 501 Roll (pictured below at the bottom). I suppose this was akin to the House Roll found in many sushi restaurants and came with salmon, imitation crab, tuna, egg, cucumber, and avocado. I really liked the addition of the asparagus because it added a nice delicate crunch and the salmon and tuna were fatty enough to provide a slightly creamy texture.


The West Coast Roll (pictured above at the top) was nothing too original with salmon, avocado, and tobiko but I liked how the tobiko provided just a slight resistance as I bit into it. It seemed to have more of a crunch to it than some of the other tobiko I’d had in recent memory.

We figured the Kaide roll (pictured below on the right) would be a wise choice since they had named the roll after the restaurant. :) It had cream cheese, avocado, tobiko, and ebi, which was all wrapped in smoked salmon. I’m not a huge fan of cream cheese and smoked salmon in my sushi for some reason so this wasn’t one of my favs but Jenkins enjoyed it quite a bit.


The last roll we had was the Kaide BC roll (above left). This was a slight variation on the traditional BC roll and came with BBQ salmon and unagi. I really like unagi-based sushi and I also liked how I got a chunk of BBQ salmon rather than the usual BBQ salmon skin.

Jenkins and I had quite an enjoyable meal at Kaide and really liked the rolls that we had there. We also saw a few other things on the menu that we didn’t have a chance to try so we will definitely be back. Service was also very attentive and we liked how our server identified to us each of the rolls we ordered, which was very helpful because our rolls all came on one big dish. I think Jenkins and I have definitely found a contender for our neighborhood sushi joint. :)

1375 Richards Street, Vancouver
Tel: 604-681-5886

Food: [rating:4]
Service: [rating:4]
Price: $$

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