Review: Quick Lunch at The Pound

by gigi on April 29, 2009

I’ve been lucky enough to work downtown quite a bit the last little while. Samantha also works downtown these days so we have been able to meet up a lot more than we normally do. We decided to meet up for lunch one day and Samantha suggested The Pound on Beatty & Robson because it was fairly close to both our offices. I had always walked by this place but never ventured in. Because we did not meet up until almost 2 o’clock, it was pretty empty inside but Samantha said it is usually fairly busy, especially at lunch and during game nights.

Since I had brought lunch and had eaten it earlier in the day, I decided to order some soup as a light “snack”. The soup of the day was the Pacific seafood chowder and was one of the cheapest things on the menu at $6 so I decided to order that. The soup came with shredded veggies and a light smattering of salmon, shrimp, and scallops. It was pretty thin and I prefer my soup to have a thicker consistency. I suppose though that maybe because it was thinner, it was healthier? :) What I did like about this soup was the addition of dill, which really complemented the seafood. It also came with two slices of buttered sourdough toast.


Samantha hadn’t eaten lunch yet so BLTCC wrap, which had chicken, bacon, cheddar, lettuce, and tomatoes. What was nice about the sandwiches and burgers at The Pound was that they could all be ordered as wraps. Samantha noted that her wrap was quite tasty and because it was a wrap, it was not as heavy or filling as the burger/sandwich version. She wasn’t too impressed with the accompanying salad though and thought the greens seemed a bit past their prime.


The fare at The Pound seemed to be fairly standard of any casual eatery or pub. I wouldn’t mind trying out their wraps the next time I’m there but I’ll probably pass on the soup.

118 Robson Street, Vancouver
Tel: 604-688-5840

Food: [rating:2.5] (for soup only)
Service: [rating:2.5]
Price: $

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