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by gigi on April 23, 2009

It had been a while since Jen and I last met up so I suggested we go for Sunday brunch one weekend. Cafe Medina is on my list of “to try” places so I was more than happy to suggest it. :) Cafe Medina opened sometime last year (I think) and is owned by Karri & Nico of Chambar fame. It is open for breakfast, brunch, and lunch and closes in the afternoon at 4 or 5pm, depending on the day. I love eating at Chambar so I really have no idea why it took me so long to make it to Medina. :) Jen and I arrived at Medina one Sunday morning at around 10:30 and only had to wait about 10 minutes before we were seated.


As usual, I had checked out the menu before my visit, but it still took me quite a while to decide what to eat. Everything just looked so tasty! To buy ourselves some more time, we decided to order some drinks first.  I had a hard time deciding even on which drink to order, but I finally chose the lavender latte. As far as lattes go, this was super tasty although I wish there was more of a lavendar flavour.


Jen decided to order a large chai tea latte, which came in a huge cup. We both noted that there did not seem to be much of a size difference between the small and medium cups but the large cups were huge. Jen really enjoyed her chai tea latte though and I think I may give that a try the next time I’m there.


After all my indecision around what to order, I finally landed on the Libanais, which had a soft boiled egg and several small dishes of things to eat with some fried pita bread. The small dishes of baba ganoush, tabouleh, and cucumber/tomato salad was arranged nicely on my plate and it was a nice variety of flavours, which I’m not really accustomed to at brunch. The Libanais was smaller than I anticipated but I think it was a good size for a light breakfast and definitely did not give you a heavy greasy feeling after you had eaten.


I especially liked the baba ganoush, which was creamy and had a nice roasted eggplant flavour to it. The cucumber tomato salad had a nice crunch to it and contrasted nicely with the creamy baba ganoush. My soft boiled egg came in a neat little cup and we spent some time trying to figure out the most polite way to eat it. I finally gave up and just cracked the shell all around and peeled the shell off.


The tabouleh was also quite refreshing and helped to clear my palatte of the lingering garlic taste from the baba ganoush and cucumber salad.


Jen chose the mushroom omelette, which also happened to be the omelette of the day and came in a cute little cast iron frying pan with a side of focaccia bread. The omelette also had potatoes in it so was quite a hearty dish. Jen noted that it was really tasty and filling so I think I will give this a try the next time I’m here.


Even though we were quite full by the time we finished, we decided to order dessert to share. If you’ve been to Chambar, you know that one of their specialty desserts is the Belgian waffle. The waffles at Medina are all lined up nicely by the window, waiting to be gobbled up by hungry customers. :) You also have the option of ordering a variety of toppings to go with your waffles. After a fair bit of waffling on what kind of topping to order with our waffle, we decided to go with the pistachio white chocolate. This turned out to be a great choice – despite it being white chocolate, the topping was not overly sweet and the distinctive taste of pistachio really came through.


In case you haven’t noticed by now, I had a great time at Cafe Medina. As Jen and I sat there with our dishes, we kept on noticing what other people ordered and everything just looked so good! For the waffles alone, I would definitely come back and I definitely need to make a second trip to try the other delicious sounding brunch items on their menu.

556 Beatty Street, Vancouver
Tel: 604-879-3114

Food: [rating:4.5]
Service: [rating:3.5]
Price: $$

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