Review: Lunch at Joey’s

by gigi on April 19, 2009

Jenkins and I took advantage of a rare sunny day one weekend by taking a walk around downtown. We didn’t really have a destination in mind so just decided to wander around, stopping at whatever seemed interesting. By the time we realized we were hungry and it was time for lunch, we had made it to Burrard and Pender, where there were very few restaurants open on a Sunday afternoon. I was in the mood for a sandwich that day, so despite my preference for non-chain restaurants, we stopped in to check out the new Joey’s on Burrard. Located at the bottom of one of the Bentall towers, it is well-positioned to serve the masses of office workers in the area during the week.


None of the sandwiches grabbed my attention so even though I went to Joey’s in order to satiate my sandwich craving, I decided to order the Hi-Rise burger. The burger was a fairly generous size but I was hungry that day so it suited me just fine. I chose not to add anything to my burger other than the already included lettuce, tomatoes and onions. I thought this was a wise decision because if my burger was any bigger, it would have been quite messy to eat. The garlic aioli was a nice addition to the burger although I would have liked for the garlic taste to come out a bit more.

Against my better judgement, I chose the fries over the salad. :) I know some people are big fans of the fries at Joey’s but I found it to be too salty for my liking.


Jenkins decided to order the Ahi Tuna Club. It came with a nice steak of grilled tuna with bacon, spinach, and a couple of onion rings. The tuna was cooked all the way through and both Jenkins and I thought it would have tasted better if it was only grilled on the outside and still raw on the inside. The onion rings were also an odd addition in our opinion and healthy Jenkins actually decided to pick his onion rings out of his sandwich. :)


When I grade my burgers, I always compare them to my favourite Legendary burgers at White Spot. The Hi-Rise burger certainly wasn’t bad but I still prefer the familiar taste of a yummy Legendary burger with mushrooms and cheese. :)

507 Burrard Street, Vancouver (One Bentall Centre)
Tel: 604-915-5639

Food: [rating:3]
Service: [rating:3]
Price: $$

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