Corniglia, Cinque Terre: Alberto & Cristina’s Gelateria

by gigi on April 1, 2009

To work off all the tasty food we had been consuming thus far on our trip, Jenkins and I took advantage of the great weather by hiking from our home base of Vernazza to the hill town of Corniglia. Of the five towns in Cinque Terre, Corniglia is the only one that is not directly on the water and is about a 90-minute hike from Vernazza.


It was late in the morning by the time we arrived and a bit too early for lunch so I made the decision to have some gelato instead. :) If you’re wondering why there haven’t been any gelato recaps during this trip, it is mostly because I am in such a hurry to eat it that I forget to take a picture of the gelateria and the gelato itself.

I’m not sure if this small gelateria in Corniglia has an actual name but it is the only one in town and is on the main street, Via Fieschi, and is across from a wine bar called Enoteca Il Pirun. Although some other shops in town have gelato, Alberto & Cristina’s tiny shop is the only one that makes it right on its premises fresh every day. Being the only gelateria in town, it was bustling with people choosing flavours inside and people happily enjoying their gelato outside.


I decided to pick two flavours (cone on the right in the picture below), one being the miele di Corniglia, which was made from fresh local honey. For my second flavour, I picked the always reliable pistachio. Fresh Italian gelato is really in a league of its own and is nothing like the gelato available in Vancouver. Better yet, because the standards are so high and there are so many gelaterias, you can always find one with quite reasonable prices. For example, the gelato here with 2 scoops was 1.75 Euro when we went (about $2.80 Cdn).

The honey flavour was very mild but had a nice sweetness and flavour to it. Its mild taste was complemented by the light and creamy texture of the gelato itself. I would have liked the pistachio flavour to be stronger but in terms of texture, it was right on the spot. The gelato was creamy with all the nut bits strained out and not over-frozen.


Jenkins decided to go fruity with a combo of cantaloupe and pineapple (cone on the left in the picture above). He is not usually a big fan of fruity flavours when it comes to gelato but he felt that he had really picked a winner that day. :) The pineapple was slightly tangy and actually went well with the sweeter and more mellow taste of the cantaloupe.

The gelato here was actually so tasty that Jenkins and I stopped by again a few hours later before we left Corniglia. We learned early in our trip to feed our gelato cravings whenever possible because if you think about it, who knows when the next time you’ll be back in Italy and when you’ll be able to have such delicious and well-made gelato! :)

Alberto & Cristina’s Gelateria
Via Fieschi, Corniglia, Cinque Terre, Italy

Food: [rating:4]
Service: n/a
Price: $

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