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April 2009

Review: Quick Lunch at The Pound

by gigi on April 29, 2009

I’ve been lucky enough to work downtown quite a bit the last little while. Samantha also works downtown these days so we have been able to meet up a lot more than we normally do. We decided to meet up for lunch one day and Samantha suggested The Pound on Beatty & Robson because it […]


Review: Brunch at The Naam

by gigi on April 27, 2009

Karen and I decided to catch up one day over brunch. I always suggest brunch when we meet up because I love brunch but little did I know that Karen hardly even ate breakfast! Thanks Karen for indulging me in my brunch outings and for some great conversation as usual. The Naam was actually Karen’s […]


Review: Cafe Medina

by gigi on April 23, 2009

It had been a while since Jen and I last met up so I suggested we go for Sunday brunch one weekend. Cafe Medina is on my list of “to try” places so I was more than happy to suggest it. Cafe Medina opened sometime last year (I think) and is owned by Karri & […]


Review: Burgoo on Main Street

by gigi on April 20, 2009

Since I was unable to find a sandwich to satisfy my craving at Joey’s, I requested to Jenkins that we go to Burgoo for our next dinner outing. I’d been to Burgoo a few times previously and always enjoyed their selection of soups and sandwiches. It was a cold day out so it was a […]


Review: Lunch at Joey’s

by gigi on April 19, 2009

Jenkins and I took advantage of a rare sunny day one weekend by taking a walk around downtown. We didn’t really have a destination in mind so just decided to wander around, stopping at whatever seemed interesting. By the time we realized we were hungry and it was time for lunch, we had made it […]

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Review: Ebisu on Robson

by gigi on April 17, 2009

Jenkins and I were on the prowl for a place to eat for dinner one evening. We felt like Japanese food but weren’t sure where to go so we started wandering aimlessly through the streets of downtown. Eventually, we ended up on Robson Street so I suggested trying Ebisu out. It had opened a couple […]