Review: Rekados Filipino Cuisine

by gigi on March 16, 2009

Jenkins and I received a gift certificate to Rekados a while back so we decided to go there for dinner one Friday night. Rekados is a Filipino restaurant located on Main and King Edward in Vancouver and always looked to be quite interesting and having a gift certificate was just the motivation for us to go for a visit. Please pardon the blurry pictures that you’re going to see…I must have forgotten to turn my camera on macro mode or my hands were extra shaky that day. :)

We started first with the lumpia shanghai, which were pork spring rolls with a mix of veggies and a sweet chili sauce for dipping. The spring rolls were very crispy and the blend of meat and veggies in the filling went very well together. The chili dipping sauce had just the right amount of sweet and spicy to complement the savoury spring roll filling.


We also had the tinikling chicken, which we chose due to the recommendation of the friend who gave us the gift certificate. The chicken was fried and was resting on a bed of stir-fried veggies. The chicken was slightly crispy and was your Asian-style fried chicken. Although there was nothing special or different about the chicken itself, it was still done well and was tasty. What I enjoyed the most was the hoisin and chilli sauces that accompanied this dish for dipping the chicken in.


The lechon manok sounded pretty interesting, so even though we already had one chicken dish, we decided to go for another. :) We chose to have only a half-order of the lemongrass chicken since we had ordered so many other dishes. Although the dark meat pieces were quite juicy, the white meat pieces were a bit on the dry side. We  were able to hide this a bit by drizzling some of the lemongrass sauce that accompanied the dish though.


Our last dish was the bicol express, which was pork and shrimp mixed with peppers and other veggies in a coconut milk sauce. This dish sounded the most interesting of the ones we had chosen but it turned out to be the dish we liked the least. The pork was overcooked and so were the green veggies. I also felt that the sauce left an odd aftertaste in my mouth. Perhaps this dish was an acquired taste but it just wasn’t my cup of tea.


Although the dishes we tried weren’t too bad overall, both Jenkins and I felt that the value for the food we ate just wasn’t there. The restaurant itself was quite busy and had a steady flow of customers throughout the night though so it’s quite possible we were just choosing the wrong things. I had been planning to ask Keith, who is a Filipino food pro, what to order but I had forgotten to do so until I was in the restaurant staring at the menu. :) If I come back here again or try another Filipino restaurant, I’ll have to consult him first before going.

4063 Main St, Vancouver
Tel: 604-873-3133
Closed Mondays and Holidays

Food: [rating:2.5]
Service: [rating:3.5]
Price: $$

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