Milan: Ristorante Rita

by gigi on February 24, 2009

On our second day in Milan, we ended up around the Duomo area again during lunch. Since Milan is quite well-known for its tasty “fast food” options, we decided to go to one of the several cafeterias in the area. When we say fast food, we don’t mean burgers and fries though. Fast food in Milan is very tasty and can be found in its numerous bars, delis, and cafeterias. Milan is very much the financial and business capital of Italy and there are several options for its business crowd to eat quickly or grab food on the go.

This time, we decided to go to Ristorante Rita. It is located about a block away from the Duomo itself and is located upstairs from its take-out only counterpart. Since we were there on a weekday, the restaurant was packed with business people on their lunch hour but the line moved quickly through the food areas.

Jenkins and I wandered through the different food options and tried to see what seemed to be most popular amongst the locals. As usual, we decided to share a few items to get the most variety. We realized we hadn’t been eating as many vegetables as we could while we were on vacation so we assembled a small bowl of salad from the salad bar. The cherry tomatoes were marinated with balsamic vinegar and basil and were fresh and sweet. I also enjoyed the grated carrots which were tossed lightly with lemon juice.  We also tried some of the raw julienne zucchini, which turned out to be quite flavourful and had an interesting texture from the cooked version of zucchini.


For pasta, I picked the rigatoni-like pasta with a minced beef and a light tomato sauce. It had just come out from the cafeteria kitchen so I knew it was fresh and it also seemed to be one of the more popular choices with the customers. As usual, the pasta was al dente and went great with the light coating of sauce. There wasn’t a lot of meat in the sauce but it went very well with the mix of spices used. Even though it was an oil-based sauce, the pasta did not taste too greasy and was not too heavy.


Jenkins and I also shared some Mediterranean-style chicken with potatoes and fresh olives. I felt that the pasta was a better choice because the chicken was a bit on the dry side and the taste of olives was a bit on the strong side for me. However, if you are crazy about olives, this probably would have been a hit for you.


For a side dish, Jenkins and I shared the saffron risotto with a light smattering of seafood. The risotto was very creamy and had a nice taste of saffron, which went very well with the seafood. As risotto often is, this dish was quite filling and was just the thing to give us enough energy to do all of our touristy things for the rest of our afternoon in Milan. :)


Restaurants can get quite expensive in Milan, so for the most part, Jenkins and I stuck to the cheaper places, such as the cafeterias and also bought custom-made sandwiches from local delis. Not only was the food always fresh and very tasty, it also seemed to be popular with the local crowd so we were pretty sure we had made a good choice. :)

Via Marconi between Piazza del Duomo and Piazza Diaz, Milano, Italy

Food: [rating:3.5]
Service: n/a (self-serve)
Price: $$

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