Restaurant Meals – Pay at your Discretion?

by gigi on February 5, 2009

Rory brought to my attention an interesting article at the other day. Due to the poor economy and the fact that it’s hitting Londoners extra hard, a London restaurant has implemented a “pay what you want” policy for the month of February. At The Little Bay restaurant in Central London, business has been hit extra hard due to its reliance on diners in the high-paced financial district of the city. So in an effort to draw in more customers as well as to help Londoners affected by the credit crunch, meals at The Little Bay are essentially priced at zero. Diners can choose to pay whatever they want, from a penny to something more.

Now one has got to wonder what the going rate for plates at this restaurant is now that they have this new pricing policy in fact. Surprisingly, the owners report that they are sometimes receiving 20% more than the menu price for some dishes. Even though Vancouver hasn’t been hit as hard by any means as other parts of the world by the recession and the credit crunch, I’d be interested to see how this pay-what-you-want would work here. If I were to go to such a restaurant, I would still feel somewhat obligated to pay at least what the menu price lists the dish as, unless service or food quality was severely lacking.

How much do you think you would pay at a restaurant with this kind of “promotion”?

Read the full article here:

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