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by gigi on February 1, 2009

I was working downtown one day and Ned, Matt, and I decided to treat ourselves by going out for lunch. Working downtown always has the temptation to draw me out for lunch because there are so many tasty restaurants within walking distance from my office. Ned had recently went to Guu with Garlic for dinner and had really enjoyed it there. Since the only Guu that was open for lunch was the original Guu on Thurlow, we decided to go there for our lunch.


The lunch menu at Guu is quite limited and is nothing like what is available at dinner. Most of the items come in a lunch box-like format so they aren’t generally shared, unlike the dinner menu items. Someone once told me that the original Guu is most indicative of home-style Japanese cooking, so I assume that the lunch menu at Guu is representative of what a typical Japanese lunch must be like. :)

Despite the limited menu selection, I had quite a difficult time choosing what to order. The baked curry rice with cheese sounded really interesting but in the end, I decided to go with a slightly healthier option: the grilled salted saba. It was a bit on the salty side but went quite well with the accompanying rice. If I had eaten the saba on its own though, it might have been too salty for me. It was quite crispy on the outside and the saba meat was actually drier than what I like.  I’m not sure if the dry and slightly firm texture was due to the cooking method or the type of saba used.


My saba and rice also came with a bowl of piping hot miso soup, which I enjoyed quite a bit. It was not too salty and was a great accompaniment to my meal.


I thought my lunch set was the perfect size. I left the restaurant without the overstuffed feeling that I sometimes get from eating too much, which happens too often when I go out for lunch. At $7.50 for my lunch set, it wasn’t the cheapest but was a decent price for the variety and quality of food that I got. One thing to note if you go for lunch is that they are quite understaffed for the lunch hour and service is on the slow side.

838 Thurlow Street, Vancouver
Tel: 604-685-8817
Lunch hours: 11:30 AM – 1:30 PM

Food: [rating:3]
Service: [rating:2]
Price: $

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