Varenna, Lake Como: Breakfast on the Lake

by gigi on December 16, 2008

Jenkins and I decided to stay at Hotel Eremo Gaudio during our stay in Lake Como.  Eremo Gaudio is just outside the main square of Varenna about halfway up a large hill.  It was quite the uphill trek to get back to our hotel each day but we saw it as a good opportunity to work off the day’s calories.

Our hotel offered a free breakfast each morning, which we could have on the covered outdoor patio.  Even though it was a bit chilly in the mornings, it wasn’t too bad if we wore a jacket and eating on the patio gave us an opportunity to enjoy the great view.  The view below is from our hotel room but it gives you an idea of what we got to look at as we ate our breakfast each morning.  :)


There was quite a selection of items for breakfast and most of it was fairly standard for most hotels we’ve been to in Europe.  I really enjoyed the toasted mini croissants.  They were light and crispy but not overly oily.  I also liked eating the mini crunchy toasts that can be found all over Italy (pictured below in the green package).  They go great with a variety of spreads, including pate, creamy yogurt, jam, or Nutella.  My favourite treat each morning was the cappuccino machine and the opportunity to make my own cappuccino each morning.  I’m not a regular coffee drinker but I never pass up an opportunity to have a cappuccino or latte when I’m in Italy.  :)


Overall, we enjoyed the breakfasts at Eremo Gaudio quite a bit.  After all, who can complain when you have such a great view to enjoy while you’re eating?  :)

Via Roma n° 11 – 23829 Varenna Lago di Como – Ramo di Lecco
Tel: 0341/815301

Food: [rating: 3]
Service: n/a

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