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by gigi on December 2, 2008

Finally, I am going to blog about Jenkins and my trip to Paris and Northern Italy.  It sure did take me long enough, didn’t it? :p  Anyway, Jenkins and I thought we were being really smart by booking our tickets via Zoom Airlines way back in December of 2007.  Two days before our trip, we found out that Zoom Airlines was bankrupt and ceasing all flights immediately.  Luckily for us, we were able to book a flight on Lufthansa.

I’ve never flown Lufthansa before but I was told by several people that the service was top notch.  My expectations were met and exceeded for this particular trip.  They found out that Jenkins and I were on our honeymoon so they even gave us a celebration snack of champagne and macadamia nuts.  As someone used to the barely there service of Air Canada, this was a pleasant surprise and a great way to start our trip.


Although the service on Lufthansa was nothing short of excellent, I’m sorry to say that the food left much to be desired.  Our initial “meal” of champagne and nuts was probably the tastiest thing we ate during the entire flight.  For lunch, I decided to have the beef stroganoff.  The beef was extremely dry and tough while the veggies and noodles were mushy and soggy.  I ate enough to get me to the next meal and investigated the other items on my lunch plate.


The lentil and bean salad actually wasn’t bad.  It seemed to be quite healthy and I liked the different textures from the different types of beans.


The blueberry cheesecake was not very dense and had the faintest hint of blueberry taste.  Jenkins thought it was the best item included in our lunch but he is less picky when it comes to desserts compared to me.  :)


Jenkins’ choice of lasagna for lunch was marginally better than my beef stroganoff.  It was definitely overcooked and had a really strong cheese smell that did not appeal to me.  I thought the tastiest part of the lasagna was the spinach, which picked up some of the lasagna tomato sauce taste.


A few hours later, it was time for breakfast.  We had a vegetable omelette and sausage with potatoes and a small fruit salad.  Jenkins thought his omelette was much better than the lasagna he had although the sausage was devoid of taste.  I suppose quality control was not present that day because my omelette was much saltier than Jenkins.  I ended up sticking to my boiled sausage and soggy roast potatoes to keep me full.


Our return flight was more of the same with the suspect airplane food.  It was a bit funny because prior to this, Jenkins and I always had fairly good experiences with airplane food.  Jenkins noted that the food on our Lufthansa flights was what people think of as stereotypically bad airplane food.  :)

Despite the food, Jenkins and I had a fantastic time with Lufthansa.  The service was attentive and friendly.  The attendants always checked to make sure we had everything we needed.  It really helped to make the long flights go by a little bit faster.  :)

Food: [rating:1]
Service: [rating:5]

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