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December 2008

Varenna, Lake Como: Nilus Bar

by gigi on December 29, 2008

Because Varenna is quite a small town (population of about 850 people), there were only so many places we could go to for our meals.  Also, because the number of restaurants was relatively low, the prices were in general a bit more than what we usually saw in the bigger Italian cities.  While we were […]


Varenna, Lake Como: Breakfast on the Lake

by gigi on December 16, 2008

Jenkins and I decided to stay at Hotel Eremo Gaudio during our stay in Lake Como.  Eremo Gaudio is just outside the main square of Varenna about halfway up a large hill.  It was quite the uphill trek to get back to our hotel each day but we saw it as a good opportunity to […]


Review: Miku – Partie Deux

by pick on December 14, 2008

Pick went to Miku again and came away more impressed than his first visit.  Read more for his review!  I had some of the same dishes when I was there for the restaurant opening with Pick so I’ll give my comments rather than doing a whole separate entry.  ———————————————– R and I gave Miku another […]


Thanks for Voting!

by gigi on December 14, 2008

Thanks to everyone who voted for Ho Yummy on the Best of 604!  I’m not sure how we placed but unfortunately, it wasn’t the top 3.  Despite that, it seemed like I had a great turnout so a big thank you to everyone who voted and keeps on coming back to read this blog.  Here’s […]


And Now, a Word from our Sponsor…

by gigi on December 9, 2008

Well, not so much from a sponsor as it is from me.    As you may or may not know, I was nominated for Best Food Site / Directory in this year’s Best of 604 people’s choice awards.  (Thanks!) Best of 604 looks at blogs / websites within the Metro Vancouver region and there are […]


Varenna, Lake Como: Albergo del Sole

by gigi on December 4, 2008

For the first leg of our trip, Jenkins and I stayed in the small town of Varenna at Lake Como.  Lake Como is one of the many lakes in the northern part of Italy just south of the Italian-Swiss border.  If you have been to Las Vegas, you’ve probably heard of the Bellagio Hotel, which […]